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Reengage Volunteers and Strengthen Existing Teams

As nonprofits are gearing up for events throughout the spring and summer, this is the perfect time to engage your volunteers and actively turn them into donors. Your volunteers are more likely to donate to your organization than non-volunteers and keeping them engaged is essential to retaining them and growing your donor list. Make a stronger impact by reengaging with recent volunteers who are 10 times more likely to donate to your organization and if you’re already reengaging your volunteers continuously you’re on the right track!


Volunteers have a personal connection with the organization and its mission and can add to fundraising revenue immediately. Uniting your volunteer, development and even event teams can benefit nonprofit’s fundraising revenue and create opportunities for volunteers as you plan major events. As they donate their time, talent and treasure it is important to continually reengage them in as many ways as possible. See how your nonprofit can engage volunteers to become donors down the road and even strengthen teams within the organization.


Implement Peer-to-Peer Campaigns:

Peer-to-Peer campaigns are one of the most popular methods of fundraising. Whether it be a 5K or golf tournament, online fundraising has become a great way to socialize fundraising efforts. Volunteers can create teams and encourage their network to give to an organization they are passionate about. With Giveffect’s smart automation, managing your volunteers is seamless and user friendly.




Committee Involvement:

Have experienced volunteers join your host committee and actively make connections on your organization’s behalf. Volunteers can shed light on their positive experiences with the organization, gain experience working alongside development teams and explain the impact donations have on the individuals that are affected. This opportunity for storytelling, fundraising and community relations can truly impact nonprofits and their efforts to attract new donors they possibly could not reach online.


Volunteer Experience:

Creating and paying special attention to your volunteer groups, jobs and shifts is a great way to keep track of specific individuals that can increase your fundraising revenue. Giveffect’s volunteer management software has the capability to create a user friendly volunteer experience from sign up to check in. Beyond creating volunteer opportunities on and offline, organizations are able to maximize their workforce by creating ongoing shifts for their volunteers.




Creating and managing volunteer shifts just got easier with Giveffect!

  • Send public and private online calendars and share through newsletters and email blasts
  • Smart automation is at work as all entries are saved in the volunteer management software
  • Maximize your workforce by scheduling unlimited amounts of volunteer shifts and jobs

There are many ways to engage your volunteers and strengthen existing teams within your organization. Check out our webinar and learn how you can maximize your workforce! Learn to effectively create volunteer shifts and ongoing jobs!