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Report: Technology a key frustration for nonprofit finance leaders

Inefficiencies, lack of organization, reporting are among major concerns

Looking beyond COVID-19, nonprofit organization leaders say that they are most concerned and frustrated by technology, according to a recently released 2021 Nonprofit Technology Trends Report by Sage Intacct. 


And for most, this isn’t exactly news or surprising that nonprofit organizations have been dealing with problems from using multiple systems, considering that many of them were not initially designed to support nonprofits or work in conjunction with other common programs used.


Inside the report, we find that 38 percent of nonprofit finance leaders said that a “lack of process automation and organization efficiency” was a major concern. Another 32 percent cited both “inefficiencies and delays due to multiple, disparate systems” and “manual, time-consuming reporting”. 



And the root cause for many of these issues is simply due to nonprofits using multiple support programs that are not user-friendly and do not work well together, because they were never designed to work together.  


“Everything was separate for us before and we basically were spending a ton of time moving between software, platforms, and systems that didn’t communicate well together and/or did not allow us to present the look and feel of our agency,” one nonprofit decision-maker told Giveffect.


And this is why the Giveffect system was created. To create an all-in-one system that was designed, from the ground up, to be a resource for nonprofit organizations and fit directly into their needs. 


In other words, to deal directly with the problems that the nonprofit industry leaders were concerned about in the Sage Intacct report: automation, inefficiency, disparate systems, and reporting. 


Giveffect’s systems are a full CRM database for your entire organization, fundraisers, volunteers, members, clients, and more. And allows nonprofits to create and manage webpages, emails, ticketing, accounting, merchant services, and more from that one database.


And the native all-in-one functionality allows for easy reporting on every aspect of the system and how those different functions interact.  


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