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Giveffect’s Weekly Webinar: Mastering Reporting and Querying, Part 2

As our weekly webinar series continues, we will pick up where we left off last week and continue our deep dive into the reporting and querying features in Giveffect. We are continuing on with this topic because we want our clients and our potential clients to know just how important the reporting and querying features are, and exactly how they need to be used in the course of operations at a nonprofit organization. Giveffect knows that when the end of a fiscal year or a calendar year comes, important questions have to be answered and facts and figures must be deciphered so that better decisions can be made to make an organization stronger and more focused for the next year.


As part of our continued education webinar series, it is our hope that we will expose users to new features that they may not be familiar with so that they can begin the process of becoming expert users of the many robust parts of the Giveffect software. In part one of the this particular webinar, we discovered the differences between reports and queries and the various reports found within the back end of Giveffect, as well as some of the more basic parts of the this specific system. In this second part, things become more advanced. We will talk more about the specifics of the different kinds of reports, donor segmentation, donation analysis, and more. We highly recommend finding the first “Mastering Reports & Queries” webinar if you have not already seen it, as it will give you a great foundation for the webinar happening this coming Friday.


Our webinar series is a great chance to learn more about an area of the Giveffect software that you may not be familiar with. All past webinars are available on the client-only Giveffect Studio Facebook page. They can also be accessed in the “Video Tutorials” area of the Giveffect platform back end.


This webinar is specifically geared towards those who are already clients of Giveffect. However, if you would like more information on how to become a client or would like a product demo, visit us online and we will be sure to reach out to you. If you are a client and would like to register, click here and we will make sure to include you. We look forward to your participation this Friday.

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