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Pulling Reports and Queries in Giveffect: Faster is Better

When it comes to looking at the bigger picture of what your nonprofit is doing, it’s always necessary to have the most accurate information possible. But it’s also vital to have this information in a timely manner. When one employee or department has to spend hours and even days obtaining, compiling and distributing information from reports to other employees, departments and stakeholders, the waiting can severely hinder positive progress in your organization.


Let’s take a particular case in mind: The development department at your nonprofit public broadcasting organization needs to pull information on how the ticketed campaigns from the last fiscal year performed in relation to the numbers your organization pulled in over the last five years ago. Your organization has invested a lot of time and funds into reporting software that is able to compare metrics, generate executive summaries, and turn data into reports. However, is this reporting software integrated with additional software systems that can help you to easily create reports on a wide range of issues, from fundraising campaigns to volunteer hour logs? Furthermore, how long will it take you to generate this information and distribute it to the people that need it the most? The answers to these questions may not be what you want to hear.

But if your organization was to switch to Giveffect’s all-in-one, integrated system, you would have access to a system that gives you reporting and querying options that empower you with the tools and data that you need to make key decisions. Giveffect’s system lightens the load of your development team by offering as robust a set of reporting and querying tools and features as you will find in an all-in-one system. Within each software system inside of Giveffect, your organization has the opportunity to create different kinds of reports for different aspects of your nonprofit (i.e., Customer Relationship Management reports and queries, donor and donation-specific queries and reports on growth, volunteer-specific reports, campaign reports and querying, etc.) The Giveffect reporting and querying features also offers multiple types of reports to streamline many processes inside of your software systems. For example, one of your nonprofit teams can generate a list of all volunteer assignments for a specific campaign, and the system then automatically generates total hours logged, as well as total hours completed.


But Giveffect also realizes that time is of the essence. Board members need to be informed because they are always on the move and making connections with people. Members of the executive team constantly have to make high-level decisions. And sponsoring organizations need the most pertinent information to make decisions on how much they will give. All of these instances require efficiency and timeliness that Giveffect’s reports and queries can provide. For that reason, Giveffect’s products allow you to create these reports much more quickly and conveniently than you would in another competing system. This is because we as a company realize that your time is valuable, as is the time of your entire organization. Regardless of the department you are in, that department must contribute to the bottom line of the entire organization, and do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Let’s look at another example. When the end of either the fiscal year or the calendar year comes, your nonprofit will have to show what it has done, what it has accomplished, and how it has grown, if at all. Normally, in any other system, it would take you hours, and maybe even days, to get the report & query information that you need to pass along to board members and other leadership. But in Giveffect, our integrated, automated system has all of the information right at your disposal due to Smart Automation. This makes is easier to create and distribute canned or customized reports on different trends going on within your nonprofit organization. There is no need to hunt around for information for a report because this is information that you already have in Giveffect’s backend. Giveffect makes reporting and querying into something much easier that you may not expect: being able to pull reports and set up queries almost effortlessly and within seconds.


The following are some of the reports that can be generated within Giveffect:


You can pull a report around a specific donation group, based on an event, type of donor, or level of donation activity.


You can pull a report based around a specific ticketed campaign, from parties to galas to 5K runs.



And you can pull a report based on year-to-year donation growth.


All of the reports are ones that you can access from the Giveffect backend in, again, just a matter of second or minutes. To access the reports, while in the backend, you use the navigation bar at the left hand side, click on Reports, and select from the list of reports that you want to use. The beauty of an all in one system is twofold:

  1. Instead of trying to compile your data and spending hours and hours pulling that info, you already have your data and now you can easily run all of your reports and queries easily and efficiently. You can pull analysis on this data because its already prepared for you – so there are so many opportunities for you to be more efficient in your daily work.
  2. Smart Automation. As always, due to our integrated, all-in-one system, any and everything that happens on the front end of the Giveffect platform is automated and updated on the back end. This means that there is never any need to do manual data entry because the information is already updated for you.


Giveffect empowers nonprofits with the reporting and querying tools they need to get a clearer understanding of the big picture of their data. And the very same robust, powerful reporting and querying tools can generate the information needed in a matter of seconds or minutes, unlike other software tools.

Want to learn more about how Giveffect’s reporting and querying tools can help your nonprofit organization? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at

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