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ROI: Return on Investment is Becoming Even More Important For Nonprofits

A recent OpEd in The NonProfit Times “Making the Investment: ROI Hinges On Execution” author Michael Hutchinson, of Changing Our World in New York City, discussed how execution is central to maximizing your return on investment. 
“You have an obligation to maximize the impact of every dollar invested in your organization, especially when funding development and administration,” he said. “As donors become increasingly savvy, and there are organizations dedicated to evaluating you based on efficiency ratios, maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is a matter of accountability.”
Hutchinson continues to break down the elements of ROI in major gifts and how staffing, systems, and strategy play into increasing the effectiveness of the donor’s dollar. And these are some key areas where Giveffect’s all-in-one system can really make a difference in your ROI.
For staffing, Hutchinson describes how relationships are key and how you have to build those relationships over time, with staff that have the time to fully develop those relationships.
Giveffect’s simple wealth management system and all-in-one CRM means that development staff can spend more time building relationships and less time maintaining a system with redundant donors and data pulls. Also, the direct mail system and email system mean that staff can quickly create and send communications to prospective donors in a variety of ways. 
Giveffect clients report saving 30+ hours in administrative tasks alone. No more merging excel sheets from multiple departments with conflicting systems. No more redundancy in multiple CRMs. 
Hutchinson also discussed how your systems can have a major impact, as these relationships can take years or even decades to cultivate, and can turn over before major gifts are decided. That means that it is key to have a flexible CRM that can also be easily understood and maintained by staff over the years. 
This is where Giveffect has a huge advantage, as the platform is flexible and works with all the other aspects of the system. It can even cultivate current small donors and volunteers naturally into major gifts, as all of your nonprofit’s contacts are in the same CRM. 
This will also allow you to track all efforts of major gift donors, outside of major gifts, so you can get a full picture of their engagement with your nonprofit. Did they volunteer at the charity walk last year? How did their team do at the holiday fundraising event? All the information is in one place. 
Giveffect also can also run full live reports so you can measure performance easily. There is even a function to automate simple tax receipts for donors based on their preferences, making it even more efficient. 
The flexible functionality of Giveffect allows a nonprofit to give all the tools to a gift officer that is available to everyone in a nonprofit, but in an easy and accessible way. And he can use those tools to maximize his time doing what he should be doing: creating a deeper relationship with full awareness of all the activities of the major gift donor. 
An all-in-one, user-friendly, efficient system, and all for one price. Get the execution of all of your departments at the same top level, see what Giveffect has to offer: