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Spring Cleaning and Nonprofit Events: Create a Better Community and Fundraiser

Events are often the lifeblood of a nonprofit organization, offering a chance for your constituents to join together, enjoy each others’ company, and work together to improve the lives of those around them. 

And right now, that sense of team, place, and purpose is more valuable than ever. But it can be difficult to pull off successfully and on budget. A fundraiser must make more than it costs. 

That’s where Giveffect comes in, helping you do more, better, bigger, and in an economical manner. 


“Creating online events is a breeze and looks great!” Charlene, with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Coastal and Northern

 New Jersey, said about Giveffect. “With our old software, we had to pay per online event and the process is antiquated. With Giveffect we can have an idea and create a page for it in no time at all!”

Instant access and ease of use are two of the many features that set Giveffect apart.  

For example, if you wanted to set up an auction, Giveffect helps you create a landing page, take registration, display your items, set up reserve fees (if desired), and collects and keeps track of all bids. And at the end of the event, it displays all winners of auction items in an easy-to-access online menu that includes all of the bid winners’ key information. 

A great example of this is the Habitat for Humanity Rochester’s 20th Annual Hope Builds Virtual Gala, which is scheduled for May 19, 20 later this year. It includes sponsorships, event tickets, and an online auction.

You can even choose between different types of auctions, imagery, and identify key supporters. The choices are endless. And the bids can even be placed via mobile and SMS. 

But this is ONLY ONE of the many event types that are supported by Giveffect. Join us for a webinar on Feb. 26 at 1 p.m. EST to learn more about the functionality of Giveffect and how you can make all your events better with less effort, learn more and RSVP now: