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Sweat Equity and Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can we track and manage our Partner Families’ “volunteer” Sweat Equity Hours?
Sweat equity for Habitat for Humanity Affiliates can be complex and difficult to calculate, but automating the process can allow your team to focus on other important aspects of the project. But Giveffect has a system where you can calculate and keep track of all the sweat equity hours on all of your projects in one place.
The program also allows the volunteers to see their own sweat equity hours in their own profile and allows them to set their volunteer schedules themselves. The entire volunteering process is automated, but it can be done manually by staff simply in those few instances where people have difficulty with user-friendly, simple programs.
Those at build can also check in and out easily with an app, so you can track not only total hours but the exact hours that were worked on a project by day.


Can we manage “Faith,” “Women’s,” and/or “Veterans” Builds?
Yes, the Giveffect system allows you to set up different parameters for each build, complete with marketing and outreach campaigns that can be focused on each single group in your area. You merely set up any additional parameters that may be needed for each build, which is easy to do in the event setup and volunteer management sections.
And the data and marketing materials can all be kept separate from other builds you have, including the separate client lists. But you can also include all your builds in reports to see the overall statistics for your events.


Can we create Peer-to-Peer Campaigns?
Of course, in fact Giveffect is built from the ground up to handle peer-to-peer campaigns and almost every type of peer-to-peer campaign is supported. These include overall branded events, ticketed events, run/walk/ride events, peer-to-peer challenges, crowdfunding campaigns, workplace giving, and “start your own fundraiser” events.
Each fundraiser can have their own personalized pages for their events, track their progress with progress bars, have countdowns, social media integration, and more!



Can Restore create and manage pickup requests from donors?  
Yes. Giveffect has the functionality to both share Restore hours and services with your community in email and direct mail, and features a website builder that can utilize built-in form templates so that you can have pickup requests automatically submitted as soon as they are filled out by the public. All that’s left to do is the scheduling of the pickup.


Now, you may still have questions about some of the details of these services or other services that you offer, and we would be excited to share with you how Giveffect can be customized for YOUR affiliate to meet your needs. Let us show you how we can help in a demo: