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The Keys to Alumni Engagement: How Giveffect Can Help

Alumni are passionate about their schools. They want to stay connected to where they graduated. They want to be as engaged and as enthusiastic as they can be. But to get alumni to the point of remaining engaged and informed, the onus truly falls on the school and/or organization that they are connected to, to make it happen. And ensuring that alumni that have busy lives filled with career concerns, families and other organizations can be a daunting task that requires a lot of skill, focus and cultivation over time.


For any school, the key to alumni engagement is to make personal, meaningful, long lasting connections year after year. Communicating and marketing effectively to your school’s alumni is vital to your educational institution’s success. That’s because a strong alumni base can be a source of many areas of help for said school: financial support, advocacy, volunteerism and networking, to name a few.


So the real question is: how does your organization go about doing alumni engagement most effectively? There are several ways to get your school’s alumni more involved, thus creating a stronger alumni base. Here are a few ways:


-Treat your alumni as stakeholders: Help your alumni become as invested as possible in what your school is doing. You might do this by creating committees for alumni to run or events that they will be responsible for.


-Run reports on your alumni regularly: Use your software to run these reports on which groups of alumni are most involved, which ones have the greatest opportunity to be involved, and which ones are more apt to give of their time and money. You should be as informed as possible about the what your alumni are doing are the ways in which they are giving.


-Create campaigns to engage alumni even more: There are so many kinds of campaigns and events that a school can create to get alumni excited about contributing to their school and being part of their alumni network. From tailgate parties to local community fundraisers, be sure to make them lively and worth you their while.


-Use crowd funding to connect current students and alumni: Crowd funding is one of the most positive ways to involve your young alumni. With a crowd funding campaign, a school puts more of the responsibility in the hands of the individual, while still creating more of a community dynamic.


-Use mobile tools to engage alumni: Mobile tools, from tablets and phones to apps, have the potential to help you connect to alumni on a more personal level, through texting, email, social media and direct messaging. As long as you can keep the proper boundaries in place, this is a great opportunity to engage some of your alumni.


After identifying the ways in which your school can engage your alumni, it’s a good idea to look at what your current software system is doing to help you make this happen. The process of alumni engagement includes identifying alumni to be targeted, creating fundraising campaigns, creating convenient volunteer opportunities, connecting current alumni with current students, and continuous but nonintrusive follow up.

The good news is that with the Giveffect software, you can accomplish alumni engagement goals with a seamlessly connected, automated, all-in-one system that you never have to leave. Need to create an email campaign to re-connect with alumni who haven’t been engaged in years? You can do that with Giveffect. Need to run several reports on alumni giving to send to your board on a monthly basis? Giveffect can do that, too. Or maybe you need to find a mobile app that will help alumni donate to school causes easier. Again, Giveffect has the tools for you to do that, such as with the EventBuddy app. Giveffect can even help you to segment different groups of alumni and assignment staff solicitors, and even help your school use your alumni as solicitors themselves. All of this is empowered exclusively with Giveffect’s Smart Automation feature.



There is a lot of work that has to be done in engaging your alumni base. Therefore, you need not only the right team but also the right strategies and the software. At Giveffect, we offer our team and our services to show you how we can help you get your alumni as engaged as possible.

Want to learn more about how the Giveffect all-in-one software system can help your nonprofit in its engagement efforts? Visit us online at

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