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The Many Fundraising Campaigns You Can Create With Giveffect

The fundraising system found within Giveffect allows your fundraising ideas to come to life easily and effectively. The fundraising system also replaces a number of competitive systems and products so that the donor records can be accessed more easily and so that users do not have to leave the original Giveffect platform to go to another site, ever.


However, one of the keenest aspects of the Giveffect fundraising system is that there are so many ways to create successful fundraising campaigns. Whether you will host a crowd funding campaign to raise money for a school, or you will have teams who will raise funds for another specific cause, Giveffect’s fundraising system, integrated with nine other systems through Smart Automation, empower all types of fundraising websites, ideas and initiatives. Raising money and gaining financial support becomes much easier with Giveffect’s fundraising tools.


-In the backend of the system, you start by choosing the Campaigns option at the left hand side of your screen.

-Next, click “Create New Campaign” and in the drop down list that appears, you select Fundraising.

-From there, you choose your campaign theme/background, the type of fundraiser that you would like to do (you can choose between a Basic, Group, or Team fundraiser).


-Next, specify your campaign configurations (basic, group, or team).


-Next, you set up the details of your campaign.


The next step is to describe your campaign.


-After that, give a description of your campaign and include optional details (fundraising goal, expiration date, donation waiver).


-Optionally offer rewards for generosity,


And after that, it’s the home stretch. Click the “Finish” button and you’ve just completed creating your fundraising campaign!


Now that we have gone through the flow of creating fundraising campaigns, let’s look at some of client examples of the many types of fundraising campaigns that Giveffect allows you to create:


Event Fundraising Campaign

Whether it is an annual gala, golf outing, bowling event or marathon, Giveffect’s fundraising platform can support it online. We know that nonprofits have all kinds of events, and Giveffect makes it easy to create campaigns for those events that your participants can support. Here is an example of No Limits for Deaf Children‘s Murder Mystery Luncheon.

With our system being powered by Smart Automation, all information on the event attendees and ticket holders are automatically entered into the CRM system. And with that, the time your organization has to spend on manual data entry is eliminated.


Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Campaign

Some of your supporters and past donors may want to raise money for your nonprofit organization using their personal website. And that’s great! Maybe there is a group that wants to turn a 10K run into a fundraiser. If so, and your company uses Giveffect, they will be able to create their very own 10K peer-to-peer website where they can raise money for the cause. A great example comes from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Plainfield and Middlesex County and their Women Build for 2018.

All volunteer information for your Peer-to-Peer campaign is automatically entered into the CRM system, again cutting down on or eliminating manual data entry.


Personal/Third Party Fundraising Campaign

Your supporters can raise money with their personal fundraising site to celebrate life events. Smart Automation enters donor records into your constituent database. Once you approve the fundraiser, you’ll have nothing left to manage. A perfect example comes from Miss Teen Utah‘s third party campaign to benefit No Limits for Deaf Children.

Once more, the information for those who participate and donate to Miss Teen Utah’s third-party campaign is entered automatically into the CRM system due to the power of our Smart Automation feature.


And with Giveffect, the events and fundraising system not only allows you to create various types of fundraising campaigns, it is also connected, integrated and automated with nine other software systems through Smart Automation. Everything that happens on the frontend of the system is automatically updated on the backend. This integrated system allows you to keep track of bidders for an auction fundraising website, keep track of individuals and teams who are donating to a cause through a team fundraising website, and more. In the backend of Giveffect, you are even able to create fundraising-specific reports that give annual campaign, participant and team summaries so that you can see how successful your fundraising campaigns have been.


Furthermore, with Smart Automation, your fundraising system is integrated with and able to talk to your volunteer system, your email marketing system, your nonprofit management system, your donor management system, and so on. For example, donor records can automatically be logged from the fundraising software. You are also able to run reports on your nonprofits’ fundraising efforts based on teams, participants, and the campaign overall.


The best part? Any and everything that happens on the users’ end of the system will automatically be updated on the administrative end, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual data entry. For example, if a participant donates to the fundraiser through the fundraising site, it will be updated automatically in their profile on the administrative side.


Giveffect’s fundraising system allows you to stay connected to and integrated with additional software systems, getting rid of the hassle and inconvenience of manual data entry. Our system not only makes your fundraising ideas and campaigns come to life, it also keeps your fundraising efforts connected to everything else your nonprofit organization is doing.

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