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Third Party Fundraising: Pro Tips and Strategies

The spring and summer seasons bring sunnier skies, warmer weather and the beautiful scenery of nature. But they also bring a lull in donations for nonprofits like yours. With donation activity being more frequent during the holidays, spring and summer can be a tough time for a nonprofit’s fundraising team. However, third-party fundraising presents a prime opportunity to make up for the inevitable donation drop.


Third party fundraisers are a viable option to nonprofit organizations and can contribute a lot to the organization’s fundraising strategy. Smaller ones may not have the means to push as hard as they would like during a slower time of year. That means that third party fundraisers are a great way for charities to encourage new and exciting fundraising activities to supporters, without having to go through as many resources.


There are essentially three types of third party fundraising events:

-Challenge events

-Community events

-Personal campaigns

At Giveffect, we have a myriad of tools embedded right into our all-in-one system that can help you with to maximize your third party fundraising efforts. Below are two great examples of some of the nonprofits we work with that had supporters do third party fundraisers on their behalf.

Miss Teen Utah Helps Deaf Kids Succeed – Brooklyn Lang, Miss Teen Utah, connected with No Limits for Deaf Children to benefit children living with hearing loss. The mission of No Limits for Deaf Children is to teach school-aged children with hearing loss the skills they need to succeed in life. Brooklyn used her celebrity in the state of Utah to bring attention to this issue with an online donation page that has thus far raised over $2,000 to benefit the No Limits.

Wish Jo Morrison a 99th Birthday – The family of Jo Morrison used this major milestone to raise funds for the Holston Habitat for Humanity in Tennessee. And the local community showed up in full force, raising over $10,000. The Holston Chapter builds and rehabs houses in partnership with individuals  throughout the Tri-Cities in Tennessee and Bristol, VA.

Each instance above is a great example of a nonprofit using Giveffect that has benefitted from the efforts of community members taking the lead and starting third party fundraisers on their own. They may cause you to want to start your own third party-focused event. But before you do, here are some things that you will want to pay attention to that Giveffect’s platform can help with.

  1. Ensure that you have control of the branding in your campaign. Protecting your brand during a third party fundraiser is vastly important. You need to know who is in control of your fundraisers’ messaging at all times. You can do this in Giveffect with tools such as the Customized Branding through our Charity Settings feature.
  2. Make sure that the funds go directly to the nonprofit you want to help. At Giveffect, we know that funds not going to the nonprofit they are supposed to benefit has been a major issue. With Giveffect, a nonprofit can rest assured that the funds that are raised for them will go directly to them.
  3. Third party fundraisers are about building contacts and connections. They are community-centered and driven by people who want to help. And Giveffect helps a nonprofit capture these contacts more easily through our various fundraising website options, online reporting tools, and even the EventBuddy Mobile Companion.

Third party fundraisers give nonprofits a great tool to solidify relationships, build new ones, and create another avenue from which to gain donations. Do you have any third party fundraiser success stories? If so, share them with us and pass on your knowledge. You never know who else will benefit from your nonprofit has done.


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