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Your Ticketed Event Campaign: 5 Reason it Needs Smart Automation

Ticketed event campaigns help nonprofit organizations make the most of exposing new and potential donors to their causes and missions. These events are a chance for nonprofits to reconnect with their most supportive donors, and a chance to increase their donor base. And with the holiday season just around the corner, it is almost certain that many nonprofits will be doing all they can to make the most of creating engaging, fun events that many people won’t hesitate to take advantage of.


Let’s say that you are looking to hold a ticketed campaign for Halloween. For example, a Halloween-themed Bowl-a-thon at a local bowling alley. Similar to the Bowl for Kids’ Sake held by several Big Brothers Big Sisters chapters around the country earlier this year, including Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay. This is the first time you are doing this, but you have seen other chapters similar in size to yours that have had huge success in putting an event like this together and pulling it off. You and your staff are thoroughly excited about this event, but you’re not sure how you will pull it off with the several separate software systems that you use. You are currently using Constant Contact for email marketing, WordPress for your website hosting, and iDonate for your fundraiser system. Although these programs are great on their own, they do not have the capability to speak to or work with each other through a system of integration or connection. Because of that, your ticketed campaign could suffer.

Instead, implementing the Giveffect software can eliminate many of the issues you run into with a disconnected, nonintegrated system. And this is due to the Smart Automation tool, which is our signature software. Smart Automation not only ensures that all of your software systems are connected and are speaking directly to each other, but that what you see happening on the front end is automatically updated on the back end. Below are just some of the things that you can accomplish with the 10-in-1 Giveffect software system that you cannot with other stand alone systems in regards to your ticketed campaigns, without even having to leave the Giveffect software system at all. This is all with the goal of making your ticketed event campaign as great a success as it can be.


You can provide a mandatory disclaimer to event attendees

This action can be performed under the Charity settings in the backend of Giveffect. Once you go to Charity settings, you then go to Donations checkout. You then click on “Attach Form/Waiver”. By providing this waiver, Giveffect works with your organization to make sure that you are providing the most information necessary to your clients and/or donors.

You can create suggested donation amounts

Offering a single donation amount for your ticketed event campaign does not always provide the most desired outcome for your event. But Giveffect’s system allows you to create custom tiers based on donation amounts. These amounts can be lead to those that would give a certain amount, a bigger amount. And they have the potential to help donors who are already by helping to spread the word. In providing these amounts, you also simplify the donor checkout flow and give your donors even more of a reason to support your nonprofit in the future.

You can fully customize your event’s layout, functionality and pertinent information about attendees

With the Giveffect Fundraising & Events system, you are able to fully create your ticketed event campaigns’ imagery and functionality from start to finish. All of the Giveffect campaign modules will use your nonprofit’s branding with customizable color schemes and more. You can also add ticket purchase, crowdfunding, donation and rewards buttons to your event so that those who may not be able to attend can easily show their support through their dollars. And the Fundraising & Events system is fully connected to all of the other systems found within Giveffect. So when you create these buttons and use these modules, you will see the corresponding information about when and how they were created in the backend of the software.


You can create a ticketed event campaign that allows you to list multiple locations

If you organization is seeking to create a ticketed event campaign where multiple locations are going to be utilized, Giveffect does in fact allow you to list each and every location and available time slots for your constituents to choose from. While ticketed events sometimes utilize one locations, we know that bowling events, music festivals, pub crawls, and many more are starting to allow for more than one location. Other systems may or may not allow for this feature to come through, but Giveffect is not like that. Got more than one location? Than your supporters are going to know about all of them and will be able to support you wherever they go.

You can create promo codes

Promo codes are a great way to build up additional buzz for your event. This is especially true via email and social media. These codes can deduct a specific amount from any registration fee, as well as donations from the purchase of tickets. With Giveffect, you can create multiple promo codes, set an expiration date for those codes, and even apply them manually when processing a payment with Giveffect. Not only will these promo codes get people more excited to support your event, they can also influence people to tell their friends and family about the event, so that they can support it, as well.


And your ticketed event campaigns are made even more effective due to Smart Automation being the main feature that integrates all of the systems together so that they can speak to each other and work in tandem with each other. With your ticketed campaigns and events, it’s important to keep track of things like number of ticket purchases, the tickets you scan, the donations that come in, event attendees, and so on. With Smart Automation, you are easily able to get a hold of this information, because everything that happens in the front end of the software automatically is update in the back end.

During the Fall and the holiday season, be sure to look at Giveffect for all of your ticketed event campaign needs. We understand that there are a lot of moving parts to


Want to learn more about how Giveffect and Smart Automation can help your nonprofit organization to make its ticketed campaigns stronger? Schedule a demo with us today by visiting us online at

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