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Case Study: UCLA UniCamp

At Giveffect, we are in the constant pursuit of creating all-in-one software solutions for nonprofit organizations. We have worked with some of the largest, most well-known names in the nonprofit world. And we have helped them to streamline their operations, reduce their manual data entry on an hourly basis, and increase the productivity of both. In the coming months, we will highlight some of the greatest successes we have had with some of our most valued clients.

One of those clients is UCLA Unicamp, an independently-funded nonprofit organization that annually connects 500 UCLA student volunteers with 1,200 youth from the Los Angeles area. In the following case study, we detail what UCLA Unicamp was using before committing to Giveffect, how they became more efficient and effective when switching to Giveffect, and what the process was like switching from using several software systems to a 10-in-1 system that is integrated, connected, and talks to other parts of the system.

Want to learn more about UCLA Unicamp’s journey? Click here to access the full report.

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