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Under Your Control 

Working in different systems with different stakeholders can be a difficult experience. And when those systems don’t work well together or have limits on access and/or support, it can become a nightmare. 


We’ve all probably had similar experiences, but let’s look at an example:


Charleen C., a development manager for a regional nonprofit explained how it was a problem for her when her organization needed to create a new event webpage: “eTapestry was antiquated. With it we had to create an event in Word, email it to eTap, it would take several days for them to create it, and then would have to go back and forth like this for any changes to be made.”


This was a complex single system, managed outside her office by a slow support system. She had no overt control over it, and relied on the system administrators for even small edits. 


If you have multiple systems that work in a similar fashion, where few to none of them can work together, it can become a true boondoggle. 


But what if you had a system that gave you control? A system, for example, that allowed you to create your own page live, and edit it as you needed; a system that also had the ease of use that allows anyone to be able to create great event pages. 


Giveffect puts the power in your hands. Create an event page in minutes and publish it on your schedule. Edit it instantly. Giveffect provides the tools to help anyone make great pages that can be as complex or simple as you want them to be. 


Charleen C. was excited when she used Giveffect, “Creating online events is a breeze and looks great! With Giveffect we can have an idea and create a page for it in no time at all!”


But that’s just one aspect of the Giveffect system. It’s not only event pages, but also emails, webpages and a complete content management system. It’s all integrated into one automated system. No more working with your IT department to then work with a third party that doesn’t have your interests at heart. 


Office manager Kris H. sums it up: “By switching to Giveffect, we have eliminated having to use multiple platforms to function. Everything was separate for us before and we basically were spending a ton of time moving between software, platforms and systems that didn’t communicate well together and/or did not allow us to present the look and feel of our agency. With Giveffect we can easily accomplish all of our tasks from one platform AND on the front end of things it integrates seamlessly with our own website!”


Learn more about how Giveffect can put you in control of your own nonprofit tech, allowing you to move at your speed and create what you want. Learn more about how Giveffect can empower your organization: