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Volunteer Engagement Strategies: Smart Small Business Partnering Strategies

Part 6: Working With Local Businesses

The lifeblood of many communities around the country is small business. Nonprofit organizations have been engaging with small businesses in their communities for decades because this is one of the best ways to gain support for a cause. If a nonprofit is engaged with a small business that people in the community frequent and trust, they will eventually trust that nonprofit organization. Giveffect knows this and encourages it. This week, we talk about some of the best ways that nonprofits can engage small businesses in their local community.

Volunteer Engagement Strategy #6: Engage Local Businesses with Volunteer Campaigns

Corporations and community organizations like schools and churches can offer more than financial contributions. Oftentimes, their employees and members are seeking meaningful ways to give back, and volunteering with a nonprofit like yours can be just the solution!

Consider partnering with generous companies and organizations in your community through volunteer campaigns. Not only will you reap the benefits of new volunteers and a boost of awareness for your organization, but you’ll also open up a world of long-term partnership opportunities with businesses who share an interest in your cause.

For example, The Community Food Bank of Central Alabama uses Giveffect to enable corporations, local businesses, and fellow community organizations to host their own volunteer campaigns.

Their partners — from FedEx to Americorps to United Healthcare — can create their own volunteer pages, recruit volunteers, and track volunteer activity themselves, without taking up the time of food bank staff.

To follow a similar strategy and begin your outreach to local businesses and organizations, start with existing supporters that can give you a foot in the door:

  • Identify which of your existing volunteers and donors are employees at businesses that encourage volunteerism. (Hint: your volunteer management software should allow you to easily track this information.)
  • Invite the most committed volunteers to serve as team captains to recruit fellow employees to take a shift at your organization.
  • Collect your new volunteers’ complete contact information so you can continue to cultivate the relationship well after a volunteer campaign has ended.

Plus, you can combine your volunteer and fundraising efforts by paying special attention to corporations and local businesses that offer volunteer grants. Through these corporate giving programs, companies provide a monetary grant for eligible nonprofits where their employees volunteer regularly.

No matter how you go about it, affiliating your nonprofit with businesses and other organizations is only beneficial. You’ll develop relationships that you can leverage for years to come, and you’ll promote a sense of philanthropy in your community!

What to Know: Using volunteer campaigns to develop local (or even national or international) partnerships is an excellent way to gain exposure to new volunteers who can become lifelong supporters.

Next week, we will wrap up our volunteer engagement series by exploring how to turn volunteers into donors.

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