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Volunteer Management: Giveffect Weekly Webinar

This coming Thursday (9/27), we will conduct our next in a series of educational webinars on the Giveffect system. We will focus on our Volunteer Management system and give potential clients a glimpse into how they can use it to create an easier, faster volunteer application process, create engaging volunteer campaigns, create volunteer assignments, jobs, and shifts, and much more.


This week’s webinar will give an in-depth overview of how to utilize Giveffect’s volunteer management tools to manage and track volunteers in the most efficient way. Our Volunteer Management System is designed by those that have experience with the nonprofit world and with building solutions for you and your nonprofit organization. We realize that a strong volunteer base is vital to your nonprofit’s success and existence, and we want to help make that base as strong as it can be. We also know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to getting the right Volunteer Management System. The difference with Giveffect is that it serves as your that system, as well as your fundraising system, your website hosting system, your email marketing system, your CRM Database, and more.


As always, it is our goal to give you as much information as possible in using our software to its fullest potential. The Giveffect software system is made to give you, the client, as many tools and as much power as possible in empowering your volunteer base and making them as involved as possible. And once you master the volunteer management system, there will be nine other systems connected to it that you can master and take advantage of.


Be sure to get registered and join us THURSDAY (9/27) at 2 PM, as space is limited! We look forward to sharing out next educational webinar with you and giving you a greater glimpse into what Giveffect can do for you. Click on the image below to register.


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