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Wealth Screening & Major Gifts: Why Giveffect is the Way to Go

When it comes to creating a donor strategy, proper wealth screening is hugely important in finding out who your most active donors are and crafting the necessary messaging to get them to donate. Wealth screening is essentially a tool used by nonprofit organizations that determines a major donor’s capacity to give.


As a nonprofit organization, you are likely doing some kind of wealth screening from major donors on a regular basis. You are also likely to run into issues and pain points in determining a potential donors capacity to give, and give generously. The main pain point you are likely to run into is that your wealth screening system and efforts require you to move between multiple systems. For example:

-You may be using a software system such as DonorSearch, which requires that you first export donor information from your database.

-Then, you import it into that information into DonorSearch.

-You would then have to export information from DonorSearch, and upload that information back into the original database.


This adds to the time you have to spend doing donor administrative work and is an inconvenience to you and your organization. On the other hand, Giveffect’s wealth screening system is connected to our donor management system and other systems via Smart Automation, which allows you to never have to leave the Giveffect platform and automates all of your wealth screening and donor management activities.


Let’s take a look at how this Smart Automation feature would work regarding wealth screening in the Giveffect system. Let’s say that our donor makes a one-time gift of $1,000 through a campaign or recurring event that your organization holds. With our Smart Automation feature, as soon as your donor makes a donation, it will automatically update in his profile on the back end. Which means that there is no need to manually have to enter the information anywhere else.

This eliminates the need to leave the platform, download or export this information, and enter it manually into another system.


From there, wealth screening for potential major donors can be done directly in their individual profile in Giveffect. This is because Giveffect offers a suite of tools that simplify your donor search and uncovers new opportunities that may have gone unnoticed. These tools can be accessed in just a series of clicks:


Within the Giveffect backend, you can instantly commence the Moves Management process as well:



This powerful suite of wealth screening tools assists you and your organization in determining which donors may be high-value ones, and can funnel your prospects through the pipeline from identification to stewardship:



But beyond just being able to funnel those targeted donors, Giveffect’s wealth screening tools are also connected to our nine other systems. It speaks to those systems via our Smart Automation feature. This feature integrates all 10 systems with one another so that they can speak to each other and streamline your organizations’ wealth screening operations. Anything that is done from the users’ end is automatically updated on the administrative end.

Smart Automation also gives you a 360 degree view of any and everything a donor or supporter for your organization has done with your organization.

The Giveffect wealth screening and major gifts system being fully integrated with all of the nine other software systems also allows you and your organization to perform prospect research to optimize your fundraising efforts and move prospects through the pipeline more quickly and efficiently.


Not only that, but you can generate rich and comprehensive reports focused on everything from wealth and philanthropic giving, income, real estate holdings, relationships with other nonprofits, relationships with publicly held companies, stock transactions, and more. With the reporting and querying features, you are allowed to quickly search through hundreds of thousands of records within seconds. To access these features, click the Reports tab at the left in the navigation bar on the backend.


Giveffect’s wealth screening and major gifts system help your nonprofit to seamlessly move your donor prospects through the pipeline more easily, gives you a 360 degree view of a donors’ giving history, and is integrated, automated and connected to 9 other software systems through with Smart Automation.

Want to learn more about how the Giveffect all-in-one software system can help your nonprofit in its wealth screening and donor efforts? Visit us online at

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