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Giveffect is an all-in-one nonprofit software solution that streamlines your online fundraising systems into one platform.


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What Do You Need?

What do you need from a nonprofit software? Automation? Innovation?  


Of course, you need the basics of a Contact Relationship Management Database (CRM) that can track your volunteers, donors, event attendees, and more. You also need a marketing system to help send letters and write emails. And an event system to help you create, market, and track your events and fundraisers. 

But you want more. You need more. 


You need all those parts to work together. Seamlessly. You need to be able to use the system without being a member of the IT department or a system ‘guru’. But beyond even that, you need the flexibility to address the needs that arise in your nonprofit, the needs of your community, the needs of those who depend on your nonprofit for services. 


You also need flexibility and the ability to shift as those needs shift. A system that allows you to adapt to conditions on the ground, as soon as a situation requires a different solution. 


You need a system that can automate the parts that need to be automated, but NOT automate the parts that are critical to your being able to flexibly respond to your local constituency. You need to be what your community needs, not a cookie-cutter service that delivers round pegs into square holes. 


That’s what Giveffect provides. Automation and innovation on a system that still keeps you in charge of the strategy and direction, with a massive number of tools that allow for instant flexibility.


This is what one client, Olivia M., Database Manager, had to say: 


“We had a vital need for improvement in our online giving system and Giveffect delivered. We were not able to access important information before to ensure accuracy, but all of that has changed by switching to Giveffect. Also, combining volunteers and donors was a difficult and cumbersome process for us, we used pen and paper to gather information for our volunteers and members. With Giveffect we were able to decrease the amount of manpower used to gather information and expand our reach into the community and create efficiency within our staff.”


And flexibility is key. And Giveffect ensures that you are as flexible as possible. Melanie K.,

Chief Development Officer, shares how Giveffect works to fit the needs of her organization. 


“It’s so intuitive and easy to customize to your needs. There are no tedious forms to fill out to change or add fields, you can do most of it yourself. The campaigns are so easy to set up and easy to promote. Once your staff is familiar with the user experience troubleshooting is incredibly easy to manage. Donations come in with little to no issue. The team is so incredibly responsive and if we need something done differently it’s almost always made available on the next upgrade.”

Learn more about how Giveffect can automate systems to allow you to meet the demands of your community. Get out from behind your desk and back into the community and make a difference, without giving up key data and strategy: