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Who are your donors? 

While it sounds like a simple question, the real answer can be more difficult to find than you may realize. 
We can look at research and find out who some of the average donors are demographically, which can help nonprofits determine who to target. Which gender in households typically makes giving decisions? The Women’s Philanthropy Institute put out a 2021 study that says 61.5% of couples made giving decisions together regardless of gender. Beyond that, in 15.3% of households women decide on philanthropic giving, while in 12.1% of households men decide.
But how can you tell for your nonprofit community? National averages often vary greatly on local/regional levels and in different age groups. Does your nonprofit system allow you to dig deeper into your numbers to find out more about your donors?

Understanding the donor

Understanding your donor and everything about them helps you understand more about their giving habits, how and why they give. The more information you have, the better you can target donation pitches to the specifics of the donor. 
But you have to have a system that can give you a holistic view of each donor. Or, you have to pull together the information yourself and analyze it, which can take hours to cross-reference reports from a variety of programs that aren’t designed to work together or give simple answers on questions outside of their programming. 
One great example is if you can cross reference your donor system with your volunteers and events, you can see what topics those donors are very interested in and how they are volunteering. Then when it comes time for a donation push for that program, you can target known donors who also volunteer with specific language geared to that group, and get better results. 

Keeping Track

But it’s not just about being able to see what your donors are interested in, but also how they usually respond to donation requests and asks. What works for your donors? And can you track what works for which donors, relative to the unique situations? And can you divide up your reports to check on different subsets and conditions that could have an impact?
And again, if your systems are incompatible or have limited compatibility, you will have to do a lot of work to coordinate multiple reports from different programs, including volunteers, donors and email systems to understand what makes the donors give. And spending time on multiple reports often leads to “roads left untaken” off the normal beaten path, and results that reflect only the most basic and obvious top layer of insights. 
If your systems work together and provide one-touch, multilevel reports, you have the time to evaluate the results and dig deeper into more unique patterns that can give better results in giving campaigns. 

The Giveffect Solution

“I love the easy reporting and the ability to create custom advanced queries to pull the information I need,” Development Coordinator Krista J. said. “I also love how a single donor can be viewed from multiple dimensions — as a volunteer, major gift maker, and direct mail donor, etc.”
That is the Giveffect difference. It is an entire platform that gives you access to everything you want to know about your donor (from past donations, to their volunteering work, to the events they attend, and even what household they are in and who else is in their household) and also shows you how they, and others like them, respond to email solicitations that can be created and tracked in the system. 
Know your donor. What they respond to. What interests they have. And track how they respond to asks. And then you are able to cross reference any of the above relative to all your other donors in your system so that you can find useful trends to serve both your organization and the community more efficiently. 
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