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Your Stats, Your Way

Do you have that one set of stats that you love to keep an eye on? It’s that one group of people or performance indicators that you think is vital to your success. Or maybe you want to explore more and try to find those groups and numbers?
The new Giveffect update makes it easy to create your Mission Control Dashboard and customize it in a way that puts your numbers and key groups at your fingertips instantly. 
Check out this example of what you can do in this demo page:


Categories include:

– Donor Anniversaries
Volunteer Anniversaries
– Birthdays
– Lost Touch
– Never Contacted
– Giving Gross Volume
– Giving Donations 
– Giving First-Time Donors
– Giving Levels (w/chart)
– Giving Age & Gender
– Past Week- Donations
– Payment Locations (map)
– Volunteering – Past Week Signups
– Web Traffic Page Views
– Web Traffic Source
– Web Traffic Visitor Location (map) 
– Contacts Added
And each category has a variety of options of how to view and the time periods available, so you can customize the analytics that are most vital to you.  We know that different organizations have different goals and objectives, so you can order them on the page based on your needs.. 
To get more details on this new feature and the other new features register now for the Webinar this Friday, Sept. 10 at 1 p.m. ET: