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Your Youth Development Organization and Giveffect

Earlier this year, we took a look at how Giveffect and Smart Automation would benefit a child-focused charity/nonprofit organization. We found that the work of children’s charities is some of the most vital work that is done in the nonprofit sector. We also found that many children’s charities focus on different aspects of how to take care of, benefit, and help children. Youth development organizations are a type of children’s charity that focus on working on the overall development of children, be it an after-school setting or otherwise. Youth development service organizations serve a distinct purpose in their respective communities by having capable, vetted adults working with children to find what they are interested and provide them positive role models. Here are some of the things that youth development organizations can be involved in for the benefit of children in their local community:


They create values-driven communities to support disadvantaged youth

They provide trusted, committed, caring adults with whom youth can establish relationships

They expand youth’s world through exposure to new experiences and connecting them to resources

They orient youth to a purposeful future

They help youth develop their identity and sense of agency

They develop academic and critical thinking ability

They teach life skills and healthy habits

They advance youth’s social, emotional and relationship skills

They empower youth to engage in the betterment of their communities and the world


With all of the things that a youth development organization can do, what can Giveffect do to benefit a Youth Development/Service organizations? As it turns out, a lot. The Giveffect software system is designed to allow those working at at youth development organization to do multiple things at once, without leaving the software platform. Whether the youth development organization needs to simplify the process for screening volunteers, track donations to some of its most popular programs, or keep track of those who are donating the most to the cause, they can do all of this and more through Giveffect, due in large part to Smart Automation, our signature tool that connects all of the software systems and updates information automatically. Some of the specific ways in which Giveffect can benefit a youth development organization:


Giveffect can help the youth development organization easily set up fundraising event campaign pages using drag and drop features.

You don’t have to be an HTML coding expert to create the most impactful campaign pages for your youth development organization. We’ve given you drag and drop tools that will help you create any kind of fundraising page in only a matter of minutes, so that you can have supporters donate, RSVP, donate, and volunteer sooner. An example comes from Food Gatherers, a Giveffect client:


Giveffect can help the youth development organization to track donations more easily and with greater accuracy.

Once you have created your fundraising event campaign page, you may have a tool on that page that allows people to click on a donation button and easily make a contribution. You can track these donations in the backend by going to the CRM option in the main menu bar, then using the Donations option to track the number of donations, the largest the smallest, the average, and total donations.


Giveffect can help track both letters and tax receipts that your youth organization sends out to major donors.

Like most nonprofits, youth development organization have to send thank you letters and tax receipts to their supporters. But instead of having to leave the Giveffect platform, you can stay inside of it and go to the Configure Tax Receipt option that is found in the main menu bar in the backend of the software.


Giveffect can help a youth development organization to find the best, most capable volunteers.

From streamlining the process of the volunteer application to gather the most important information to being able to more closely look at the roles, skills, interests and certifications of potentila volunteers, Giveffect helps a youth development organization with what is one of the most important parts of its operation: getting the best adult volunteers to work directly with the children served by the program.

With all of the tasks that the Giveffect 10-system software is able to perform, the greatest part of the software for a youth development organization, or any nonprofit, is the existence of Smart Automation. For Giveffect to work the way that it does, Smart Automation is the key. This is because it allows for the workers inside your organization to get a complete, 360-degree view of everything the organization is doing on a regular basis. Anything that happens in the front end, no matter if it has to do with volunteer tracking, web hosting, creating email marketing campaigns, or anything else, is updated automatically in the backend. Which means that you do not have to enter information into any separate spreadsheet or document. It is already done for you.


Our goal is to make the roles within your youth development organization as efficient, effective and as focused as possible through connected, automated software. We are focused on helping you cut down on your manual data entry and the time that it takes to put into administrative work so that your youth development organization can thrive and reach levels that it didn’t know were possible.


Allow us to show you what we can do for your youth development organization. Sign up for a demo today and let us take care of the rest!

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