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The Game Changer!

The Game Changer!
We have committed to print and provide free bilingual character training manuals in English and the Rwandan language. We also provide all the training for the curriculum and the goal is to resource as many orphaned children as possible. The translation and printing are done in Rwanda as needed therefore the cost can vary. Our initial goal is $1000 and production of as many manuals as possible. Please help us help these children. Their future is bright as they build character and values into their lives. Our motto is: 'thoughts become actions, actions become habits, habits become our destiny!' Please join with us! Like us on Facebook - Kugana 10-40


raised of $1,000 goal


Kugana 10-40 Leadership Society
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Kugana means to move forward with force! The nation of Rwanda is now 19 years from the Genocide of 1994 and is transforming rapidly away from turmoil to stability. Our vision is to equip every orphaned child in Rwanda with the strong foundation of proven universal principles that have brought life to people throughout the centuries. We use an easy to replicate system to teach and in still 40 principles that simply put, make life work! We train people to disciple others, all the while they are working on themselves!
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    I'm so excited for this trip Pastor Gary! Cheering you on and praying for divine dot connections!

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