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The Transcendence Project Take 2

The Transcendence Project Take 2
The Transcendence Project is a new approach to rehabilitation within the context of incarceration. Our pilot year was a success! One woman graduated from the program and found employment within a week. A second participant was accepted to the Child and Youth Worker diploma program at Algonquin College while in our program and received a $1200.00 scholarship. We produced the S.O.A.R.S Workbook with the support of Sokoko Life, a women’s health and wellness company, and Sunny Marriner, founder of the Young Women At-Risk Program at the Sexual Assault Support Centre. The S.O.A.R.S Workbook provides women with a plan to transcend their boundaries. She must: Strengthen herself, Overcome obstacles, Achieve goals, Role model it, and Show others the way. A copy of this workbook is included in this package. This workbook will also be distributed to all women who participate in the SAE program (a total of 52 women this year). We also anticipate that the Excellence in Literacy Foundation and Sage Youth-Jeunesse Sage will distribute this workbook to their students, over 3000 children and youth across the country each year! • The average attendance rate for 2012-2013 school year was 95%. • In total, 52 women participated with support from 10 volunteers. • Female youth increased literacy levels by 150-200% and increased vocational skills by 25%. • Every volunteer and participant who completed an experiential survey ranked their experience at SAE as a 5 on a scale of 1-5. • The average rate of re-offending for women is about 36% in the first year of release and over 70% in the first three years. Both empirical and anecdotal evidence show a 0% re-offending rate for SAE participants!


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Sisters Achieving Excellence
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Sisters Achieving Excellence (SAE) provides literacy, leadership and employability programming to at risk young women in the Ottawa area. SAE teaches verbal, phonetic, comprehension and writing skills while also providing mentoring and life skills. These skills ensure that the students of the SAE program will find employment in the future and will become strong leaders.
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