The Unbreakable 1000 Challenge (For Teams!)

The Unbreakable 1000 Challenge (For Teams!)

About This Campaign

Run 1000km. Raise $1000.

Your TEAM commits to "Be UNBREAKABLE" in support of youth mental health.

All the funds raised in the Unbreakable 1000 campaign go towards the Unbreakable Run Program for kids and youth. The program helps them build confidence, resilience, and teaches them how running improves their mood and both their physical and mental health.

(NOTE: If you want to take the challenge as an INDIVIDUAL, visit: The Unbreakable 1000 Challenge).

There's no time limit to complete the challenge.

Members can use a popular run app like Strava or RunKeeper and let your friends know through social media of your team's progress.

Don't forget to log back on here to update your run progress so that supporters can see how you're doing!

Thank you for taking the Unbreakable 1000 Challenge!

Our Partners

Team Unbreakable

Campaign to Support Team Unbreakable

Team Unbreakable's mission is to improve Youth Mental Health.
Our Unbreakable Run Program teaches youth that running empowers them, improves their mood, and enables them to better cope with anxiety, stress, and depression.  

The Unbreakable Run Program promotes better mental health through exercise and education.  We team up with schools and community partners (as a recreational program available to everyone) and with hospitals, community health agencies and family health teams (as a run therapy program).   The program has had thousands of students participating and is supported by a curriculum, materials, and workshops.   We welcome your involvement and ideas.  We grow through partnership, through the generous support of donors, and through the evident success that the run program has on the lives of the participants.  

Feel free to contact us for more information.


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