No Child Left Behind: Give The Gift of Camp Trailblazers

No Child Left Behind: Give The Gift of Camp Trailblazers

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Every day children are bullied, taunted, socially humiliated, and ignored simply because they have a facial difference. Looking different in a society that idolizes physical perfection is difficult; left unsupported these children are at risk of developing, mental health issues like poor self esteem, depression, anxiety disorders, high risk behaviour, self mutilation, substance abuse, and in some cases suicide.

Every child deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Children with facial differences are no different. You can help change a child's life - give them the gift of attending Camp Trailblazers. Through Camp Trailblazers, youth will build self confidence, develop resiliency, feel more comfortable talking about their differences, make life-long friends, and most importantly, learn to love and value themselves so they can fulfill their dreams.

Our goal is to support 125 youth this year. The cost is $1,500 per child for the week program. This campaign will help ensure that no child is left out. You can help children with facial differences build self confidence, develop positive self-esteem, and help raise healthy and happy kids! It starts with you! Thank you!

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AboutFace Craniofacial Family Society

Campaign to Support AboutFace Craniofacial Family Society

Every year in Canada, approximately 15,000 babies are born with a facial difference like cleft lip and palate, port wine stain, or hemangioma. Additionally, 50,000 individuals will acquire a facial difference this year alone as a result of trauma or health issue. For 25 years, AboutFace has aided individuals with a facial difference in experiencing personal enrichment and growth. Founded in 1985, AboutFace has since grown to be a widely respected organization serving affected individuals at every stage of life. AboutFace is the only Canadian charitable organization that provides emotional, peer and social support, resources and educational programs to individuals with facial differenes and their families. We offer experiential programs like the highly successful Camp Trailblazers - a camp where kids with facial differences can be themselves and gain confidence in a welcoming environment, and our services include monthly support calls for parents and affected individuals. AboutFace also seeks to increase public understanding and acceptance of people living with facial differences through public awareness and education so we can stop the judgment of people who look different. To find out more about the programs and services we offer, please visit

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