Rome Grinding Solutions- Food Bank of Iowa

Rome Grinding Solutions- Food Bank of Iowa

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Please join Rome Grinding Solutions in donating to the Food Bank of Iowa to assist those people who are affected by the work and school closures from the COVID-19 pandemic

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Food Bank of Iowa

Campaign to Support Food Bank of Iowa

**In light of COVID-19 (coronavirus), Food Bank of Iowa operations are continuing uninterrupted as the need grows.  Our top priority remains to ensure that our most vulnerable neighbors have safe access to the nutrition and resources they need. As we pivot toward more mobile food distributions to meet increasing need, fill in for services lost through school partners, and compensate for stressed pantry distributions; our food and material costs are quickly mounting.

You can support Food Bank of Iowa's COVID-19 relief efforts by designating your gift to "COVID-19 Relief" in donation check-out.

At the Food Bank of Iowa, we’re dedicated to ending hunger in Iowa—for each one of the 175,000 children, families, and seniors we serve. With your help, we can.

95.9 cents of every dollar donated to Food Bank of Iowa supports our food distribution programs. By keeping administrative services expenses (1.1%) and fundraising expenses (3%) low, we can provide 4 meals for every dollar contributed to Food Bank of Iowa.

Together, we can solve hunger.


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