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In the spring of 2015 Solo Chicken Productions proudly launched their new performance initiative, the coop, which employs five amazing emerging New Brunswick performance artists and is led by professional artists, Lesandra Dodson and Lisa Anne Ross.

At Solo Chicken Productions, we believe that supporting emerging artists, and providing not only artistic but economic opportunities for them will contribute to building a strong and healthy arts scene and a vibrant community in New Brunswick.

With this in mind, we are launching our HELP OUR CHICKENS SOAR campaign to raise funds to support our next creative process with the coop and to ensure that our emerging artists can be paid a fair wage as they engage in the act of creation!


the coop, so named to encompass a creative cocoon or incubator, is a Fredericton based performance collective for professional artists to research, develop and perform original works of physical theatre. It aims to support artistic growth of emerging New Brunswick artists through training and performance opportunities. the coop was conceived out of a growing need to create, nurture, and support the wealth of emerging New Brunswick performance artists through access to meaningful creative process and collaboration.

Upon launching in May 2015, the coop began creation of their new work, A Record of Us, during a two-week residency at The Charlotte Street Arts Centre. The company is currently ensconced as artists in residence at St. Thomas University. In January 2016 they will take up residency at Fredericton’s Playhouse where they will continue their creative process. They will finish this technical residency in July of 2016 and will premiere their new work on The Playhouse stage.

Helmed by Dodson and Ross, the members of the coop are Jean-Michel Cliche, Alex Donovan, Ian Goff, Alexa Higgins, and Lexi MacRae.


During the residency at The Playhouse we will continue the development of A Record of Us, the coop’s first full-length new work, based on the writing of iconic Canadian writer David Adams Richards. The piece is being directed and conceived by choreographer Lesandra Dodson and theatre artist Lisa Anne Ross with lighting design by the Fredericton based Jeff Fevens. A Record of Us is a physical narrative of the heartbreaking truths of human nature and explores a colourful and timeless New Brunswick identity. Conceptually, we use existing text from David Adams Richards’ works of fiction as a springboard for scene development and inspiration for movement creation. His works, heartbreaking truths of human nature and respect for those on the wrong side of a society, with life seemingly stacked against them, has long been an inspiration to us.


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Solo Chicken Productions, is a professional theatre company that was formed in March of 2004 with a mandate to create and support the creation of new works of physical theatre, engage in community collaborations and to develop innovative educational programs.  In 2015 in response to a growing need in New Brunswick to support the growth of both emerging and professional artists, Solo Chicken Productions launched a new initiative, the coop, that aims to create professional works with touring potential that utilizes the wealth of New Brunswick based artists.


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    Good luck hitting the goal guys! <3 Ben and James
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    To the Fabulous Ms Ross, keep doing what you do!
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    Dedication : Lesandra Dodson
    I hope this helps your chickens fly a little bit.....lol xo
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