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Warmth for the Winter

Warmth for the Winter
The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes the cold weather.

Last year, we experienced challenges with our boiler which caused us to go without heat for days at a time throughout the harsh winter months.

In order to keep the 50 women we serve each night at our shelter, comfortable and safe, we had no choice but to fix our boiler - a large expense of $35,000.

As an independent, non-profit agency, this was a project we really couldn't afford to do, but also couldn't afford to do without.

To make it happen, we had to pull funds from other programs including our food budget, funds dedicated to our hydro expenses and more. Nearly one year later, we are still feeling the effects.

Through this GiveEffect campaign, we are looking to raise $15,000 by the end of January 2016, to help us restore half of the program funds we had to draw out in order to fix our boiler system.

Please help us continue bringing warmth to the women who rely on our services through a gift that will go back into our program funds and allow us to continue Street Haven for many more years to come.


raised of $15,000 goal



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Street Haven at the Crossroads
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Since 1965, Street Haven has provided services to women in need in the downtown Toronto area. Our programs include Supportive Housing, Addiction Services, a Learning Centre and the city's oldest women's only Emergency Shelter. We believe that all women deserve, along with the physical necessities of life, to be treated with dignity and to be given the tools and opportunities to achieve their goals. We are guided by the principles of anti-racism/anti-oppression and are committed to women's engagement and women's leadership. We believe in women's right to self-determination. We believe in the values of equity and diversity; in partnerships, education and training. We believe in personal responsibility and accountability, in social justice and advocacy. We achieve these values by offering responsive, reflective and holistic woman-centered supports. We envision a community where all women are safe.
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  2. Courtney Detwiler
    Courtney Detwiler gave a donation
    Happy Holidays to the Street Haven Residents & Team!
    over 6 years ago · Like
  3. Monika Field
    Monika Field gave a $100 donation
    over 6 years ago · Like
  4. Cassandra Andruchow
    Cassandra Andruchow gave a $30 donation
    Dedication : Laura May
    over 6 years ago · Like
  5. Sue Fisher
    Sue Fisher gave a $30 donation
    over 6 years ago · Like
  6. Cherie Lynn Jones
    Cherie Lynn Jones gave a $100 donation
    Dedication : Life
    Miss y'all fondly all the time. Too Tall, Margaret, are there others still around. To all hello and sending warm hugs.
    over 6 years ago · Like
  7. Emily Eldridge
    Emily Eldridge gave a $50 donation
    over 6 years ago · Like
  8. Laura May
    Laura May gave a donation
    over 6 years ago · Like
  9. Elizabeth Webber
    Elizabeth Webber gave a $100 donation
    over 6 years ago · Like
Elizabeth Webber
Laura May
Emily Eldridge
Cherie Lynn Jones
Sue Fisher
Cassandra Andruchow
Monika Field
Courtney Detwiler

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