Glenn and Bernita Blevins Legacy Christmas Campaign

Glenn and Bernita Blevins Legacy Christmas Campaign

About This Campaign

In honor of two wonderful people who gave a lot to this world and taught each of us much, we are "paying it forward" by helping bring clean water to some of the 663 million who do not have it.

"Water is life's mater and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water." Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

I am dedicating this campaign to my family listed below and to all who have made a difference, large or small. I hope that each of you will share with or give in honor of anyone you call family or any who have made a difference for you!!

Beulah and Fred, Nat, Freddie, Ernie, Hettie, Don, Pat, J, Ali, Mamie, Nate, Maura, Quinn, Rebecca, Kim, Cyrus, Jonathan, Lauren, Daniel, Emily, Aaron, Allie, Ron, Jane, Craig, Mollie, Rob, Declan, Tucker, Harper, Sullivan, Gavin, Pepper, all my fire service family, and various and sundry pets, friends, and add-ons!
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Wine To Water

Campaign to Support Wine To Water

We're a small team based in Boone, NC, who believes ordinary people, in community, can make an extraordinary difference in the world.  This movement began in 2004 when our founder, Doc Hendley, while bartending in Raleigh, NC, learned about the world’s water crisis.  Once captured by the cause, Doc felt the need to do something about it.  So, he did. He did what he knew best…pour some wine, beer, and spirits, play some music, and have a great time with friends. When it was all said and done, a few thousand dollars was raised due to the generosity of the community.  With some money in hand, Doc soon found himself in Darfur, in the midst of a war, working to provide clean water to those who were in desperate need in desperate times.  Thus, Wine To Water was born.    

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Mary Blevins
Mary Blevins
$250 of $1,000 (25%)
  1. John Drady
    John Drady gave a $100 donation to support Mary Blevins
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    Love, Cyrus and Kim
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