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A New Home for SSHS

A New Home for SSHS
Join us on our journey to build a new animal shelter campus to better the lives of pets and the people who love them in Chicago's Southland!
South Suburban Humane Society
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The South Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the well-being of animals in Chicago's south suburbs. Through the care and sheltering of animals needing protection, investigative practices which will prevent abuse, education of the public as to ownership duties and responsibilities, vetted and thorough adoption services, and targeted, high-impact spay/neuter policies, the South Suburban Humane Society will make every effort towards ending animal homelessness, reducing pet overpopulation, and ending cruel, inhumane treatment and abuse towards pets.
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Ryland French
Elizabeth Wald
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Mary Voss
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Ellen Fensch
Cynthia Soltes
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Janet Ward
Ken Crawford
Jan Hope
Donna Dorney
Jeanette Klein
Montie Buckle
Sharon Triemstra
Hank and Teri Baldwin
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