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For many parents, the moment when their children grow up and learn to be independent is one of the proudest of their lives. For Neighborhood Service Organization (NSO), our greatest joy is knowing that our services have empowered a client to no longer need our help. 

Everyday, NSO has the honor of changing lives . . . one person at a time.  Today we ask you to join us in this noble endeavor by supporting our work with a donation. 


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Our Mission
We facilitate dreams by promoting equity for all, using innovative solutions to bridge gaps in housing, health, and well-being. 

Neighborhood Service Organization’s (NSO) compassionate and professional staff provides services that have impacted countless children, youth, adults, seniors, families, and communities since 1955.  We deliver holistic care and wraparound/safety net services to address social determinants impacting health, education and economic stability.  


NSO’s empowering programs and services provide assistance for: older adults with mental illness; children, youth, and adults with developmental disabilities; homeless recovery services; housing development; community outreach for psychiatric emergencies; and volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations.