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The Pets Are Family: Community Care Fund provides financial assistance for pets and their owners to afford veterinary care. Families who qualify are able to access routine veterinary care as well as emergency care for pets in need. One of the reasons pets are surrendered to the shelter is because their family is unable to afford the financial burden of vital veterinary care. The Community Care Fund keeps pets healthy and in their home. In addition, SSHS offers temporary care program for families in need of a temporary home for their pets. The purpose of our Pets Are Family program is to provide temporary care for pets and to reunite them with their families following a crisis.



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  • 1103 West End Ave.
  • Chicago Heights, IL 60411
  • USA
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The South Suburban Humane Society is dedicated to promoting the well-being of animals in Chicago's south suburbs. Through the care and sheltering of animals needing protection, investigative practices which will prevent abuse, education of the public as to ownership duties and responsibilities, vetted and thorough adoption services, and targeted, high-impact spay/neuter policies, the South Suburban Humane Society will make every effort towards ending animal homelessness, reducing pet overpopulation, and ending cruel, inhumane treatment and abuse towards pets.