Ancient trees, mountain towns, and wildlife

Ancient trees, mountain towns, and wildlife

About This Campaign

Ever wished you could give to a project that benefits both people and wildlife? Restoring the endangered limber pine is critical to Alberta’s most charismatic wildlife, including grizzlies, and benefits more than 30 species of wildlife. Limber pine plays a vital role in protecting streams and watersheds from erosion, and downstream communities from flooding -- a reality experienced first-hand in many Albertan communities in 2013. Your donation will help finance a volunteer-based forest restoration project that will enable youth from high schools and churches in Alberta to restore this foundational species in their own communities. Dr. Peters, a forest ecologist, is leading this project and partnering with provincial agencies to accomplish restoration goals.
The King's University College

Campaign to Support The King's University College

The King’s University College was recently named Most Supportive Campus Environment of any Canadian institution, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement, and is in the top ten per cent of all colleges and universities in North America. Founded in 1979, King’s offers fully accredited Bachelor degrees in the Arts, Humanities, Music, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Commerce/Management, as well as an Education after degree. King’s serves almost 700 students from across Canada and abroad, representing more than 16 nations. Faculty members are highly qualified, committed to academic excellence and communicate a Christian perspective in their teaching. Students are challenged – both inside and outside the classroom – to apply what they learn to their lives and future careers.

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