An Evening with No Limits Gala 2021

An Evening with No Limits Gala 2021

About This Event


Join us at the Skirball Cultural Center the evening of Saturday October 9, 2021 to celebrate 25 years of transforming the lives of deaf children!

All proceeds of the event will support the mission of No Limits, teaching low-income deaf children the skills to succeed in school and in life. Your life-changing contribution will not only teach deaf children how to speak, read, and write, but also to connect to the hearing world, removing the barrier of isolation and loneliness that can accompany deafness. No Limits believes every deaf child, regardless of economic status, deserves the same opportunities to gain the skills necessary to attend college and become a healthy, productive member of the community.


6pm: Cocktail & Silent Auction, Outdoor Terrace

7:30pm: Dinner, Honorees & Live Auction, Ahmanson Ballroom

8:15pm: Dancing, Desserts & Celebration, Outdoor Terrace Under the Stars

Roaring 20's Hair and Makeup by Paul Mitchell Pasadena

We are thrilled to offer a Paul Mitchell Glam Session for the day of the event.  The Hair and Makeup sessions are $200, with all proceeds going to No Limits. If you are interested in booking an appointment, please email

Proof of vaccination required. Thank you for believing in deaf children!

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Title Sponsors

  • Paul Mitchell The School
  • CIT Bank


  • Deloitte
  • The Simpsons

Premier Sponsors

  • David & Michelle Rosenberg

Special 25th Birthday Sponsors

  • Suze Orman and Kathy Travis
  • Tony Robbins

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  • Coca Cola


  • Gold Foundation
  • Vincent-Reynolds
  • city national
  • Starkey


  • Chee Family
  • Enterprise
  • Telos
  • Edlen
No Limits for deaf children

Event to Support No Limits for deaf children

No Limits works with underserved deaf children and their families, teaching them the skills to succeed in school and in life through our after-school educational centers and distinguished theater arts program. We provide the highest quality of services at no cost to families, because every deaf child deserves to reach their full potential, regardless of economic status. 

We cultivate a community that actively involves parents in the education process, and instills in every deaf child the spirit of our motto: "I CAN DO IT!"

No Limits is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization Federal Tax ID: 95-4603048

  1. Loni Sosthand
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  2. Honghang He
    Honghang He gave a $50 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Lydia Qin
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  7. Barbara Barkley
    Barbara Barkley gave a $500 donation
    The No Limits mission is near and dear to my heart. My niece has been growing deaf gradually since birth and I have seen the toll it’s taken on her both in and out of school.
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  8. Mona Lee Nesseth
    Mona Lee Nesseth gave a $100 donation
    Thank You Cassandra Melhuish, for inviting us to join you and your family and friends. We wish we could join you in person and look forward to a Covid Free Celebration Soon !!! Cheers, Mona
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    Robert Lugo and family
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  10. Denise Rosemont
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    Dedication In Memory of: Hana Simon, beloved grandmother and Holocaust survivor from Romania
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  11. Carrie & Ken Richman
    Carrie & Ken Richman gave a $500 donation
    Dedication In Honor of: Adi Greenberg
    With Admiration for Adi & Jerry and the Team at No Limits for all the dreams they make come true!
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    Dedication In Honor of: Adi & Jerry Greenberg
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    My guest will be Debbie Manners
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    Thank you Adi and Jerry!
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    Happy Birthday No Limits! You have touched so many lives over the past 25 years. Here's to the next 25!
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  19. Denise Rosemont
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    To all the children in the world: You all have valid dreams! Peace & love!
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    The sky's a limit but also a gate opening into the universe.
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    Adi Greenberg
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    please send us acknowledgement for the contribution with the tax id number on it.
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