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Child Mental Health Navigator Program

Child Mental Health Navigator Program
Right now, 1 in 5 Ontarians under the age of 18 are struggling with a mental health issue. Unfortunately, only a fraction of children and youth who need mental health services receive them. Early intervention can make all the difference when it comes to preventing children from entering adulthood with untreated issues. The sooner mental illness is treated, the better the chances for recovery. Navigating for Families in Need “Mental health services areas in Canada are typically a complex array of various agencies. Families and even service providers don’t know where to turn when they are in a despairing crisis. The navigator program assists children and their families to find the right door and to ensure that they receive the treatment they need.” -Dr. Alan Brown, Chief and Physician Program Director for the Department of Psychiatry Halton Healthcare Services A Navigator  advocates for their client, a child or youth in distress  connects children and families to appropriate services  intervenes and gives children and families the tools they need to manage crises and sustain wellness until longer term treatment is established  accompanies a client to appointments with psychiatrists and social workers  offers hands on support to children and families to address imminent needs related to housing, school, and safety  provides in-school support to children and their teachers At the same time, our navigators provide a safety net for clients and their families to access when needed. Supported by skilled and experienced caregivers, partnerships in the community and the capacity to treat those in need with highly specialized interventions, our navigators close the gap for children and youth that need immediate care. Early Success and Brighter Futures The introduction of navigators has transformed the way we are helping children and youth in our community. Because children referred to the program are in desperate need of help, navigators immediately connect with a client. There are no wait times. In the first 18 months of the program, our navigators helped 78 kids get the support and services they needed. Close to 20 of these children were homeless, many more refused to go to school, and all were in crisis. After being part of the Navigator Program, this is what children had to say:  “It really helped me get connected to support and services I would have never known otherwise.”  “I wish there was more time available for me.”  “I want to do what you did for me.” Your Donation + Matching Gift = More Help for Our Children The early success of our program has meant a growing demand for services with limited access. Inadequate funding for our community has made Halton one of the most underfunded regions for mental health programs in Ontario. But, thanks to the generosity of two private foundations, the funding we need is within reach. Your donation will do 2 ½ times more thanks to a community match. For every $1.00 you donate, it will trigger an additional $2.50 from two generous foundations, the Mental Wellness Network and Amarna. By December 2013, we need to raise $1.25 million from the Oakville community to fund the Navigator Program for children and youth struggling with mental health illness. Your support combined with the generous philanthropic gift from the Mental Wellness Network and Amarna, will provide our hospital with the funding to sustain this much-needed program well into the future. With mental health treatment and the support of Halton Healthcare Services navigators, you can make a real difference to hundreds of children and youth living in Oakville who need immediate care. Please give them the urgent support system they so desperately need in their road to recovery. www.navigatorcampaign.com


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