Playground Project 2016 / Moldova / Valeriu Batir

Playground Project 2016 / Moldova / Valeriu Batir

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Last year members of members of Kids Around the World joined me, as I traveled back to Moldova to build a playground in the village of Chioselia.

Each day of the installation more children appeared to help us make this dream a reality. When it was finally complete and we officially opened the park, children seemed to cover every inch of it. There was no doubting their love for this gift...a gift that will certainly bring happiness and laughter to Chioselia for many years to come.

While in Moldova, we visited an outreach center in the neighboring village of Conshtangalia, where our host pastor Valeriu Batir and his family operates. The center offers an after school program for the children, helping them with their studies and teaching skills like sewing and woodwork. The center also runs a meal program for the elderly and kids in need. Outside of the center stood an old metal slide and a couple of rusted monkey bars in awful poor condition. The team's hearts broke and I felt called to raise money again for another trip to Moldova to replace this unsafe playground, creating an environment where these children can freely play and truly enjoy each day.

The funds I am raising will be used to cover the costs of refurbishment, international shipping, and the installation of this playground. I invite you to join me in helping pastor Valeriu provide a safe place to play for children of Conshtangalia. I'm humbly asking for your consideration in giving financially and for your prayers.

Lilia Williams
Kids Around the World

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  1. Lilia Williams
    Lilia Williams gave a $4000 donation
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  4. Robert Best
    Robert Best gave a $500 donation
    Dedication : In memory of my mother, Dorothy Best.
    Planning on seeing Lilia in Romania this October.
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  5. Unalaska Christian Fellowship
    Unalaska Christian Fellowship gave a $900 donation
    Dedication : Jesus loves the children of Moldova
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    Dedication : Honor of Lilia Bivol Williams
    Merry Christmas, Lilia.
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