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Support KCVS Student-Researchers

Support KCVS Student-Researchers
Lead by Dr. Peter Mahaffy and Dr. Brian Martin, The King's Centre for Visualization in Science (KCVS) is a research centre of The King's University College, committed to improving the public understanding of science around the world through the development of innovative ways to see and understand science. The KCVS team was recently widely congratulated for its contributions to the education and outreach efforts of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the organization honoured with the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize. They have also recently created tools to help make sense of the science of climate change, the particle nature of matter for elementary students, ethical issues, and fundamental ideas in modern physics and chemistry. Interactive KCVS learning tools are freely available to students, teachers, politicians, media, and the public, and are accessed every year by about a quarter million viewers from over 100 countries around the world. Since KCVS materials are made available without charge, support is needed for the undergraduate student researchers who work full time during the summer creating web materials. Your donation to KCVS will go toward enabling a deserving student to obtain experience in research and science communication by working at KCVS in the summer of 2014.


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The King’s University College was recently named Most Supportive Campus Environment of any Canadian institution, as measured by the National Survey of Student Engagement, and is in the top ten per cent of all colleges and universities in North America. Founded in 1979, King’s offers fully accredited Bachelor degrees in the Arts, Humanities, Music, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences and Commerce/Management, as well as an Education after degree. King’s serves almost 700 students from across Canada and abroad, representing more than 16 nations. Faculty members are highly qualified, committed to academic excellence and communicate a Christian perspective in their teaching. Students are challenged – both inside and outside the classroom – to apply what they learn to their lives and future careers.
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