End the Neglect: Soldier Suicide

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Unfortunatley, this is a problem in the United States. A country that prides itself on freedom and diversity provided by our men and women in uniform, are now facing a problem with veterans and active duty members taking their own lives. As American citizens, we have a duty to take care of those who are not recieving the proper care they need. With military suicides hitting an all time high in 2009 and staying relativley high over the past 7 years, now is the time to take action.

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Stop Soldier Suicide

Campaign to Support Stop Soldier Suicide

Help us end Veteran suicide.

Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national Veteran-founded and led non-profit relentlessly dedicated to the epidemic of - and cure for - suicide among Service Members. 

We understand the problems and issues of Military suicide are too complex for a single answer. Our skilled Case Managers find the right solution for each person. 

And it's not a single conversation. We follow up over a two year period help as long as is needed. 

Our evidenced-based approach makes us truly unique. 

And our mission is simple:

We offer empowerment to those who have served and are serving still.


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