Fighting to Save Our Heroes!

Fighting to Save Our Heroes!

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Every day, 22 of our nation's veterans and 1 active duty service member takes his or her own life. 22 EVERY DAY!
For the families and friends of military personnel, coming home seems like the light at the end of a long, worrisome tunnel. But for the soldiers, coming home is just the beginning. It's just the beginning of an even longer, scarier road; a road full of curves and bumps, and for many, PTSD. According to the National Center for PTSD, anywhere from 11-20% of all OIF and OEF veterans will be diagnosed with PTSD. The key word here is "diagnosed". Many soldiers who suffer from PTSD go undiagnosed for a multitude of reasons. Unfortunately, those who do seek help are often times pushed to the side or do not receive the adequate treatment they so desperately need. 22 veterans a day is simply, UNACCEPTABLE! These men and women fought for us. They gave so much to protect us. Time away from their families was given. Time away from everyone they've ever known was given. Many lost an arm or a leg, or both, or all 4! Many lost a friend, a brother, a comrade. Many didn't even get to make it home. And sadly, many that do, don't survive at home. Our veteran's need our help! They've earned our help! For too long, it has been common place to turn our backs to them. To leave them to "fend for themselves". Not anymore! It's time to take care of ours! These men and women need us! Please take a moment to consider how a soldier or veteran has impacted your life. Take a moment to think about the freedoms you are able to enjoy because a soldier fought for you to do so. Think about the lives that are lost to allow you to maintain those freedoms. Please, help us help our veterans.
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Stop Soldier Suicide

Campaign to Support Stop Soldier Suicide

Help us end Veteran suicide.

Stop Soldier Suicide is the first national Veteran-founded and led non-profit relentlessly dedicated to the epidemic of - and cure for - suicide among Service Members. 

We understand the problems and issues of Military suicide are too complex for a single answer. Our skilled Case Managers find the right solution for each person. 

And it's not a single conversation. We follow up over a two year period help as long as is needed. 

Our evidenced-based approach makes us truly unique. 

And our mission is simple:

We offer empowerment to those who have served and are serving still.

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