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RCF Connects has a unique opportunity to center Black Women and Girls in Contra Costa County as a strategic priority in alignment with its advancement of equity as a value and goal. We understand that valuing and raising- up Black Women and Girls in our community raises our entire community to a new level of health, wellness and success.

The focus of the Task Force is to release RCF Connects’ position paper entitled RCF Connects’ Equity for Black Women and Girls Initiative and ensure the successful implementation of its recommendations. The position paper highlights findings and recommendations from a comprehensive study funded by RCF Connects that included interviews and focus groups of Black women and girls across Contra Costa County. It also outlines solutions that correct the current void of services, supports, and resources specifically for Black women and girls in our community.

In addition, the Task Force will also evaluate and pursue partnerships with key organizations willing to commit time, talent, and resources to support Black women and girls. Finally, the Task Force will provide expertise and insight to foundations and others willing to commit substantial funding to priorities that explicitly support Black women and girls, a valuable part of our community that is regrettably often overlooked and ignored.

If you would like more information about this project or seek to connect with our efforts, please contact Jim Becker, CEO, RCF Connects – jbecker@richmondcf.org.





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