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Yes! It’s a CRC family Christmas Party with a difference!

This year, let’s give a big end of year surprise to the children and their families you are supporting!

For a onetime donation of $40:

  • Families will come to the CRC over the holidays and fellowship together, where they will not only dance, play, and enjoy healthy snacks, but they will get to witness and participate in amazing activities like carol singing, storytelling, and nativity play portraying the birth of Jesus.
  • Each family will take home a bag of rice as a gift to not only boost their joy on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, but it will be a great way to jumpstart their new year!
Here at the CRC, the annual Christmas party has always brought great joy to the children we work with.
How amazing will it be to have these children and their families fellowship and experience the joy of Christmas together?

“I love to spend big holidays like Christmas day with my children altogether as one big happy family. But the food situation is always a big stressor for me as a single mother.” Jatu, a single mother in the CRC program.

The holidays are supposed to be a sweet time to relax, rewind, and enjoy time with family and loved ones. However, with the increase in cost of food commodities and basic services during the holiday rush, the holidays can become sour and hard on many families, especially the most vulnerable ones in poorer countries like Sierra Leone. As you know, all the families the CRC works with are among the world’s poorest populations. Because of extreme poverty, they struggle to stay together.

“With prices shooting up as we come closer to Christmas celebrations, it makes many struggling families like us to not even have a chance in the market. The economic hardships sometimes suck out the joy from our celebration.” Sheku, a father with three girls in the CRC program.

Yes, a bag of rice goes a long way in putting a broad smile on the faces of vulnerable families. With your generosity, you can give the unexpected joy of Christmas to these parents and their children!
Instead of children moving from place to place in terms of food and celebration, you can help them stay together as a family over the holidays.

“My children were away from me for many years because of poverty. And now that we are back together, attending a Christmas dance as a family without worrying about food will be so good.” Saidu, a father of two children.

The suggested donation is $40 for each CRC student, and if you can donate a little extra, that will help cover the children and families who don’t have advocates.

Questions? Call us at 703-793-9521 or email munda@helpingchildrenworldwide.org. Thank you in advance for sharing the joy and love of Christmas with the Child Reintegration Centre.

Cheers! from the Family Empowerment Team!


children attending the SAC Christmas Party of 600 goal
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$100 helps four children attend the Christmas party.



$50 helps two children attend the Christmas party.



$25 helps one child attend the Christmas party.