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Help Educate Afghan Children

Help Educate Afghan Children
Hi guys! After learning about the situation of the children in Afghanistan. I was very sad to learn that children, especially girls don't have access to education. I believe that education is a RIGHT to every child. When you educate children especially girls, you can give hope to their future and the future of their country. So I decided to raise $500.00 by creating this crowdfunding campaign for WAR CHILD. I hope that my funds will help educate children, esp girls in Afghanistan. I am asking my mom, dad and all of the Mirza family members to look at my request and donate as much money as they can. This will help me get to my goal of $500.00. I am more than sure with the number of people in my family that I will be able to reach my goal!! Love, Hanna.


raised of $500 goal


Hanna Mirza

Campaign by Hanna Mirza

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War Child
In Support of War Child
War Child helps rebuild war-affected communities to provide the support necessary for children to experience a stable childhood.

When war itself ends, the consequences endure. A lack of employment opportunities, the absence of effective economic or social structures, a destroyed infrastructure, an under-educated population and a culture of impunity around rights violations combine to create conditions that make a return to conflict all too possible.

But by making a long-term investment to help the children develop into healthy, educated and productive adults, the cycle of violence can be broken.

That’s why we are dedicated to protecting childhood by bringing education, opportunity and justice to where they are needed most.
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  2. AM

    Hanna - you more than doubled your goal!! so proud of you, girl! You inspire us all.

    about 8 years ago · Like
  3. Garry Myles
    Garry Myles

    This is a FANTASTIC campaign. What a great idea! If all kids were like you Hanna, our future is looking very bright. Congrats on doubling your campaign target little lady ;)

    about 8 years ago · Like · 1 person likes this.
  4. War Child
    War Child

    Way to go Hanna! You've doubled your target, which is amazing!

    about 8 years ago · Like · 1 person likes this.
  5. War Child
    War Child

    Hanna, you are doing amazing! Keep up the great work. All of the support means a great deal to the children in Afghanistan that War Child is helping. Thank you, and thank you to all the people that have donated to your campaign.

    about 8 years ago · Like
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