Let's fix these dangerous and disgusting latrines!

Let's fix these dangerous and disgusting latrines!
The Nsuura Primary School is a government school in the far west of Uganda in a rural area near Fort Portal. It has 600 students, yet has no proper latrines, no drinking water, no water for washing and no privacy for girls who may need to wash themselves. The children are forced to defecate in the bush and apart from being very unsafe for them, this practice leads to germs being spread with the result that there is a high incidence of gastro-intestinal disease. You might reasonably expect the Ministry of Education to do something about this but money from Kampala rarely reaches these poor rural areas. So we want to bring this situation to your attention and ask for your support to build latrines and provide water. We have already got the teachers' and parents' support - they have promised to provide building materials and to work on the building. The whole project will cost about $25,000 and we have already raised and contributed about $15,000. Will you please help us to raise the remaining $10,000? Please give what you can and know that your donation will improve the health of 600 children, allow them to concentrate on their studies and model sanitary practices for the benefit of the whole community. Thank you very much!


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  2. Melanie Segal
    Melanie Segal gave a $100 donation
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  3. Michael John Wills
    Michael John Wills

    The first phase of the project is completed - the latrines have been constructed! Now comes the difficult work of education the children, teachers and parents; promoting the latrines' use; and forming the school Health Club. Pictures to come!

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  4. Michael John Wills
    Michael John Wills

    This brief report is just to give you highlights of what is happening at Nsura Primary School.
    1.We started off well with mobilization of construction materials from the school and our side as well.We are glad that the school is participating and has contributed the sand and aggregates as earlier pledged.All parents are in the know and are supportive.
    The construction team is on site and will not leave unless the two latrines are completed.
    Site clearance and excavations for the two pits is completed.
    Pit lining and plastering of the substructure is complete for one.
    Pit lining for the second pit is in progress.
    By end of this week,the first slab shall be cast.as it cures,they will be working on the second latrine.
    Hoping that the balance of funds will be raised in time!

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  5. An anonymous donation of $5 has been made
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  6. Michael John Wills
    Michael John Wills

    Tetherdown School in London, England has just raised some money for the project which will be sent directly to Uganda. Many thanks to these amazing children and their parents!

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  7. Michael John Wills
    Michael John Wills

    A big thank you to anonymous donors - I respect your wish to remain anonymous of course - for news or updates on this project please check the site periodically.

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  10. Brenda van Ginkel
    Brenda van Ginkel

    Wonderful campaign! I hope people pay attention and want to support this project for an immediate impact on student health in a remote community in Uganda.

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  11. An anonymous donation of $100 has been made
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