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Black Tie Holiday Gala 2016

Black Tie Holiday Gala 2016
The Gala begins at 6:30PM with an elegant cocktail reception, and silent auction followed by dinner and dancing. A live auction will feature the opportunity to "Sponsor-A-Match" where attendees can pledge the cost of bringing a child together with a caring, adult mentor and for professional supervision of the match for the first year. Individual Gala reservations are $200/guest. Tickets will not be mailed out, instead your name and your guests names will be added to our guest list!
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Pay at the Door

Must bring cash, check or credit card to swipe

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$50 fee

General Admission

General admission ticket with free t-shirt.

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$150 fee

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VIP ticket includes lounge access and dinner.


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YOUR LOGO is a grant-giving philanthropic organization that connects underserved communities with mental health resources. Most mental health challenges are treatable if not curable when given access to proper care. Although the first step to recovery is often the hardest, the YOUR LOGO Foundation hopes to make moving forward feel easier. With your support, we can improve the stigma surrounding mental health in our society and change a few lives for the better.
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