Bigs In Blue

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Connecting Youth & Law Enforcement Through Mentoring

Bigs in Blue pairs children from underserved communities with members of law enforcement in one-to-one mentoring relationships. Big Brothers Big Sisters recognized a growing need for improved communication and understanding between law enforcement and communities of color and developed Bigs in Blue, now being rolled out in participating cities nationally, in response.

Big Brothers Big Sisters realizes that building relationships of trust between young people and the LAPD, will affect lasting and positive change in community relations. The LAPD partnership goal is to provide positive and supportive role models to youth, inspire community trust, and reduce the incidence of juvenile crime, drug and alcohol use, truancy and other risky behaviors.

As the Los Angeles Rams look for ways to help build a bridge between law enforcement and the communities they serve, the team is interested in the potential of Bigs in Blue to assist vulnerable youth and develop trust and communication between communities and the police and is dedicating their January 1 home game to raise awareness of the Bigs in Blue program.


Bigs in Blue + BBBSLA will ensure that the children in its program achieve measurable outcomes such as:
• educational success
• avoidance of risky behaviors
• higher aspirations
• greater confidence
• better relationships
• improved perspective of law enforcement


The Los Angeles Police Dept has committed to a five-year agreement to recruit Bigs from within the police department, to be paired with Littles from the BBBSLA program in their local communities.

The LAPD will assist vulnerable youth in developing trust and communication with law enforcement.



The Los Angeles Rams are longtime supporters of Big Brothers Big Sisters and will support the Bigs in Blue program with efforts to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the Los Angeles community. The Rams will dedicate their January 1st home game to an awareness campaign for Bigs in Blue & BBBSLA.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles

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Our mission:  
To provide children facing adversity with strong and enduring professionally supported one-to-one mentoring relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.  

Our vision:  
To see ALL children reach their FULL POTENTIAL in life.