The Charisma Fashion Gala

The Charisma Fashion Gala

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Hello all, June 22nd 2014 - Charisma Fashion Gala Our next upcoming event is to support the Breast cancer support foundation. This organization is providing great support to women diagnosed with Breast Cancer and their families. This foundation is the connection that comes into play when the treatment part is over. The BCSF is an independent organization that is not funded by Alberta Health. They organize fundraising events to support their cause. We are very inspired by the difference this organization is making to our community and have taken the initiative to support them. Please visit their website at to learn more about them. This event will be filled with fashion,fun and compassion. We will be featuring leading designers like Aliya Asad showcasing their trendy designs. Please visit Canadians for Global care website for Donations & Tickets. You can also log on to Give effects to donate and support our initiatives. Sincerely, Shema Khan Elahi Public Relations
Canadians for Global Care

Campaign to Support Canadians for Global Care

Canadians for Global Care Society is a grass roots organization that came into existence as a result of inspiration from MDAUK. The MDAUK focus on building a hospital in the earth quake hit region Kashmir raises several dormant issues; when disaster strikes the whole world rises to the occasion, rescue teams are sent and people donate generously. However things are forgotten, as the media moves on. CGC will strive to help complete these unfinished projects around the world. Our inspiration comes from MDAUK and we have taken on the Kashmir Hospital as our first project. Our Vision: We strive to improve the quality and availability of universal health care – around the world. We seek to see unfinished projects through – up to their successful completion. Our Goals: To help finish health related projects initiated in disaster struck areas To promote health related basic education and services in third world countries

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