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KidSafe's 2017 Team of Heroes

KidSafe's 2017 Team of Heroes
In BC, one in every five children lives in poverty. In Vancouver, this number can be even higher. Join KidSafe’s Team of Heroes to fight for children’s right to safe havens and good health and be a hero to a child in need!

The child poverty rate in British Columbia is one of the highest in Canada. Impoverished families struggle to provide their children with basic necessities and out-of-school care is often a financial impossibility. Since 1993, KidSafe has worked to provide nurturing safe havens for inner-city children and youth while schools are traditionally closed. We ensure that these children receive transportation to and from our sites, two nutritious meals a day as well as snacks, educational programming, and emotionally safe spaces with trusted adults while schools are closed during spring, summer, and winter break

By dedicating your event - whether it be a run, a bike ride, a hike, or whatever else you’re interested in achieving – to KidSafe, you’ll be supporting the idea that all Vancouver children deserve to live in a safe community, with the resources they need to become healthy, contributing citizens.

KidSafe will work with you to make sure your Team of Heroes event is customized to you! We can help you set up a fundraising page, and give you tips and tricks for success along the way, and are always available to answer questions and offer information.

For more information, please email madeline@kidsafe.ca or call us at 604-713-4467


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The KidSafe Project Society
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KidSafe keeps school doors open in Vancouver during those times when schools are traditionally closed such as Spring, Summer, Winter breaks and after school. KidSafe offers a familiar place of safety, nutritious meals, emotional support, and positive activity alternatives for 450 children, aimed at helping them build confidence and self-esteem, while providing them with opportunities for social development.
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