2017 Long Island Strides for Stripes Walks to Fight Neuroendocrine Cancer

2017 Long Island Strides for Stripes Walks to Fight Neuroendocrine Cancer

About This Campaign

Welcome and Thank You!

Thanks for joining NCAN's 8th Annual ‘Strides for Stripes’ Walk! Your participation makes life better for thousands of people who suffer from this disease.

The Walk at Eisenhower Park- This is a live event being held on October 21st in Eisenhower Park- Parking Field 5 on Long Island, New York. Choose this walk if you will be coming to Eisenhower Park to walk.
Stride for Stripes Walk Fights Neuroendocrine Cancer

As a participant you are raising money for programs that benefit neuroendocrine cancer patients and raising awareness of neuroendocrine cancer.

Here are things you may not know about this disease:

Carcinoid /NET cancers are known to affect over 125,000 patients in the United States.
12,000 people are diagnosed annually.
Initially, over 90% of all Carcinoid/ NET patients are incorrectly diagnosed and treated for the wrong disease.
Average time from initial onset of symptoms to proper diagnosis exceeds five years.
You can fight neuroendocrine cancer- and be healthy and have fun doing it!

Get a Walk T-Shirt and other great prizes

Register to walk for $35 and you get a cool Strides for Stripes T-shirt. There are various other prizes as the amount you raise grows.

$35 Official ‘Zebra Walk’ T- Shirt

$100 Zebra Walk T-Shirt, Pedometer & Car Magnet

$250 Zebra Walk T-Shirt, Pedometer, Drawstring Backpack, Car Magnet & Stuffed Zebra

$500 Zebra Walk T- Shirt, Pedometer, Car Magnet, Drawstring Backpack, Stuffed Zebra & NET Awareness Hat

$1000 Two Tickets to CCAN’s ‘Celebration of Life’ Gala on November 14th, Zebra Walk T-Shirt, NET Awareness Hat, Drawstring Backpack & Pedometer

$1500 Two Tickets to “Celebration of Life” Gala, Zebra Walk T-Shirt, Pedometer, Drawstring Backpack, Car Magnet & Stuffed Zebra

$2500 Four Tickets to “Celebration of Life” Gala, Zebra Walk T-Shirt, Pedometer, Car Magnet, Stuffed Zebra & NET Awareness Hat

$5000 Table of Ten to “Celebration of Life” Gala

How to Create Your Walk Fundraising Page

Participating is easy and fun. There are two ways to participate.

1) Fundraise for the Walk on your own. By signing up as an individual, you can tell your personal story and family and friends can donate directly to your personal page.

2) Sign up as a team. By creating a team of friends, family and coworkers, each team member can create their own personal page, tell their story, upload pictures and fundraising individually as part of the greater team. You will also have a team pages where you can monitor the success of your team.


Put the Fun in Fundraising!

1. Set up your fundraising webpage

Creating your online fundraising page (personal page) is the fastest and easiest way to receive contributions. You can upload your address book and send everyone a personalized email asking for their support.

2. Tap into your social networks

If you’re on Facebook or Twitter, let friends and family near and far know you’ve joined the Virtual Walk and ask them to support you with a donation. Post periodic updates on your fundraising success to motivate them to get involved.

3. Walk in someone’s honor

Ask for donations to honor a friend, family member or co-worker who has been affected by neuroendocrine cancer

4. Celebrate

If a birthday, anniversary or holiday is coming up, ask family and friends to make a donation to support your participation in the Walk instead of a gift.

5. Conduct an in-person donation campaign

Go out of your way to meet with and talk to your closest friends and family explaining your reasons for walking and why you chose to support the Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network. Making an effort to reach out on a personal level can mean a lot to your donors.

How to raise $250 in 5 days!

It’s not as hard as you might think raise $250 and MORE:


Get the ball rolling by making your own donation

Ask your employer to match your gift

$ 25

$ 25


Ask your boss to support you

And for a matching gift

$ 25

$ 25


Ask 5 family members for $10 each

$ 50


Ask 5 friends for $5 each

$ 25


Ask 5 co-workers for $10 each

$ 50

Grand Total

$ 250

Great job! Now that you’ve got the idea, keep going. The sky’s the limit. Think how many people you can help.

Take Action, Make a Difference

The power of your contribution...

The money you raise for your Walk will help the Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network continue to provide programs and services essential to neuroendocrine cancer patients.

Here are some of the ways your contribution, large or small, makes a difference:

$15 provides supplies to a patient support group for a month

$25 supplies a comprehensive patient information packet to a neuroendocrine cancer patient, ensuring that the patient will be a good advocate for his/her care

$50 provides DVDs showing cutting edge information from a NET patient conference to a patient

$100 from 20 donors sends an expert to provide urgently needed information at a patient conference

$200 keeps the patient hotline open for a month

$500 sponsors a patient to attend a regional patient conference

$1,000 sponsors a doctor to learn more about neuroendocrine cancer and earn CME credits

$2,000 starts the ball rolling toward funding a research grant

Whether you walk alone, with a friend, or form a team, you'll be keeping important programs like these available to neuroendocrine cancer patients:

Patient Hotline
Patient Conferences
Information Packets
Support Group Assistance
Funding Research
Awareness Items
Information on Diagnosis and Treatment on our Website & Social Media
Send us a picture and post on social media!

Location / Venue

  • Address:
  • 1899 Hempstead Turnpike
  • East Meadow, New York
  • 11554, USA
  • Time:
  • Oct 21, 2017 10:30 am to
  • Oct 21, 2017 03:30 pm
Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network

Campaign to Support Neuroendocrine Cancer Awareness Network

NCAN INC is a non– profit charity whose mission is to intensify awareness of Neuroendocrine Cancer in the medical community and general public around the world. NCAN also assists patients, caregivers and support groups worldwide by providing access to important & updated information about the disease. Through the years NCAN has produced over 50 patient conferences. Many are available to view on our website. Our toll free phone support line is answered by a patient and caregiver. Call today for your free information packet. We also provide funding for research into Neuroendocrine Cancers.


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