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Help us feed the animals

Help us feed the animals
Each year we receive 100's of orphaned and injured wildlife, each with it's own nutritional requirements. To ensure their successful rehabilitation, we strive to provide them with nutritionally rich foods that are also part of their natural diets. This is a huge undertaking and the most expensive part of caring for wild animals. Help us in providing essential foods for the wildlife at WWS. This year we have close to 200 animals in rehab, everything from birds and squirrels to foxes and deer. We need to raise $3500 to carry them through to release. With the funds we can purchase Specialty formulas for the orphans Nuts and fresh fruits for the squirrels Apples and grains for the fawns Meats and vegetables for the foxes Berries and worms for the birds ...and so much more!


raised of $3,500 goal


Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary
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Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary is a year-round "Labour of Love" wildlife rehabilitation centre that rehabilitates and releases orphaned and injured wildlife back into their natural environments. WWS is 100% volunteer based, and relies solely on the generous donations of caring individuals to provide this much needed service. WWS receives no funding from the government or any of it's agencies. Since it's beginnings in 2008, 1000's of wildlife animals have been accepted and successful released, each treated with the same respect, without discrimination of species. WWS is located on 45 acres in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario. Monika Melichar, along with her partner Whitebear, have dedicated their lives to preserving and promoting a harmonious co-existence between humans, wildlife and our natural environment.
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