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Gifts for Hospitalized Veterans

Gifts for Hospitalized Veterans
Since the Korean War and on thru the Vietnam conflict, Panama, Lebanon, and most recently Iraq and Afghanistan, our veterans have been returning home with severe wounds, lost limbs, PTSD, and other serious diseases that have caused them to be hospitalized for very long periods of time. We know of some who have been hospitalized for well over a year and some have no family to help them. The American Legion tries to help all our hospitalized veterans with things they need for their personal care, things they need for their mental stability, and things that give them some form of pleasure, such as video games, movies, and the like. The funds of any local Post are limited to what they can bring in with local fundraisers and combined with the members dues each year, but that is no way near what is needed to care for the needs of our disabled/hospitalized veterans. And, in addition to the above, we try to assist the local schools, whose student undertake fundraisers of their own to raise funds for their needs. It takes a lot of caring and a lot of money to help as much as we would like, but hopefully, some day, those veterans will walk out of those hospitals and join us in helping others. Your donations are welcomed and will be fully utilized in helping our veterans and the schools that have the need. Thank you so much for all you do for our veterans and our young children.


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The American Legion strives to assist veterans of any service who are having difficulties in making ends meet and also to help the veterans in Veterans Hospitals who have returned from war with needed items, recreation, and visits by other veterans. We also assist the community schools that need help raising money for special needs that the school system cannot help them with. We are trying to raise sufficient funds to buy a van to help transport veterans to the VA Hospitals and to carry our Honor Guard members to the funerals of our departed heroes.
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