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Project Kashmir Hospital

Project Kashmir Hospital
Project Kashmir Hospital is Canadians for Global Care's first fundraising project. The goal of this mission is to build a fully functioning hospital in the Kashmir region and to continue financial support and expertise to help ensure quality care is maintained for all. Though construction began back in 2009, and is now almost in its completion phase, the story for this project began back in 2005. On the morning of 8th October 2005 a catastrophic earthquake measuring 7.6 on the Richter scale struck the unsuspecting people of Northern Pakistan. For six terrifying, agonising minutes the earth shook and when it stopped, over 87,000 people had lost their lives, tens of thousands were severely injured and over three million were made homeless.The glaringly obvious lack of appropriate medical facilities even before the disaster was very obvious to all and a devoted team of medical professionals dedicated themselves to begin the building of a charitable hospital in the region. This project has only reached this far due to YOUR help and desperately NEEDS your HELP to continue. Please consider making a donation of $50 regular monthly donations or a one time donation to help make this project a reality.


raised of $1,000 goal


Canadians for Global Care
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Canadians for Global Care Society is a grass roots organization that came into existence as a result of inspiration from MDAUK. The MDAUK focus on building a hospital in the earth quake hit region Kashmir raises several dormant issues; when disaster strikes the whole world rises to the occasion, rescue teams are sent and people donate generously. However things are forgotten, as the media moves on. CGC will strive to help complete these unfinished projects around the world. Our inspiration comes from MDAUK and we have taken on the Kashmir Hospital as our first project. Our Vision: We strive to improve the quality and availability of universal health care – around the world. We seek to see unfinished projects through – up to their successful completion. Our Goals: To help finish health related projects initiated in disaster struck areas To promote health related basic education and services in third world countries
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  2. Canadians for Global Care
    Canadians for Global Care

    Check out our album and follow along to see the project progress in its phases.

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  3. Canadians for Global Care
    Canadians for Global Care

    Please donate generously. We are currently almost in the hospital completion phase. With your help, we will successfully build a fully functioning fascility for the people of Kashmir region!

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Khadijah Zaman
Mary Koziol
Sadaf Rahman
Mozafer Rajabali
Alizeh Khan
Jeff Deminchuk
Jahangir Qureshi
Rabia Zaheer

How it all began. December 2009

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Hospital Site Planning. January 2010

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GroundBreaking begins! January 2010

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Project Hospital

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